Britney Spears returned to the previous form and wiped his nose Hayter: photo of the Transfiguration

Бритни Спирс вернула прежнюю форму и утерла нос хейтерам: фото преображения

Britney Spears

today, 21:10

Controversial American singer Britney Spears start to live a healthy lifestyle, practice yoga. Your results weight loss star shared with fans in Instagram.

Just recently, fans have criticized the appearance of a 38-year-old singer, but now everything has changed. After all, Britney finally got around to doing a – she’s noticeably lost weight and tightened through sport and proper nutrition.

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In the social network, the artist actively publishes photos where posing in a bikini, did not hesitate of the figure. However, members advised her to do her hair, makeup and seek a good stylist.

“Britney, where’s your makeup artist and hairdresser? What the hell is that”, “that’s Great, if not photoshop, it remains to deal with the person”, “I don’t like the way she paints her eyes”, “She’s stuck in the past, in 1999-2000 years. There she was well, she was young, beautiful and in demand. From there and do not want to leave”, “I’m somewhat scared to look at,” said the commentators.

Recall that the paparazzi have caught Britney Spears while swimming in the pool.

As reported by the portal Znayu Justin Timberlake publicly apologized to his wife and son for the recent situation, when the network got a photo of him with a colleague on the film.

The portal also Znayu wrote that Britney Spears has aged beyond recognition.


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