Briton caught on camera apples-invisible

Британец заснял на камеру яблоки-невидимки

The ice was the shape of apples.

On Wednesday evening, February 6, a resident of Michigan Andrew Setsima worked in the garden and cut off dry branches on the Apple trees and found a mysterious ghostly ice apples. The case occurred in the region Fruit Ridge (“Fruit edge”), reports the with reference to

As it turned out, after the rain on some of the apples formed a layer of ice, echoing the shape of the fruit.

Many of them fell to the ground, while the man was tending to a plant, but some rotten apples, the pulp is turned into liquid and flowed out.

Британец заснял на камеру яблоки-невидимки

As a result, their place was left hanging a beautiful ice figure in the form of an Apple with a small amount of residual fruit.

Netizens were surprised. In the pictures you can notice that the branches hanging ice balls in the shape of apples. The sphere is completely transparent and there’s nothing behind them.

Many have failed to unravel the secret of the appearance of such “fruit” on the trees. Systems explained that the reason satisfied prosaic.

American argues that the focus turned out thanks to the perfect temperature. He also admitted that the variety of apples, Jonagolds one of the his favorites. But now he jokingly calls them Jonaghosts (word play on “ghosts” “Ghost”).

Британец заснял на камеру яблоки-невидимки

“Because of the sharp frosts, and then warming this week was freezing rain and turned it into a glaze of pure ice. In this case, and old unharvested apples,” says the man.

From December 2018 in the Central and Northern parts of the United States set an abnormally low temperature for the first time in 20 years. Frosts are accompanied by heavy snowfalls, freezing rain and ice. In the States of Montana, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan and Nebraska temperature dropped to 11-20 degrees below normal. In some cities the cold reaches minus 40 degrees.

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