Broadcast on TVA in the fall of 2021: the “Chaos” series can be seen elsewhere in the world

Aired on TVA in the fall of 2021: the « Chaos” can be seen elsewhere in the world


Hopes of sales or adaptation of the series “Chaos” across the planet are strengthened after Quebecor Content has reached a global distribution agreement with the German company Bavaria Media International. 

The 10-episode drama series, produced by André Dupuy of Amalga (“L'Échappée”, “Fragments”) and Josélito Michaud of Keep it Simple, is on display these days at the Berlinale Series Market, in Germany, where the announcement of this agreement has been made.

Josélito Michaud is the creator of this thriller directed by Stéphan Beaudoin (“Classé secret”, “L'heure bleue”), which was broadcast on the Fall 2021 on TVA.

“Chaos” tells the story of 10 teenagers who attend the concert of their idol, INVO (Simon Morin), after obtaining VIP passes. This evening that they were impatiently waiting for turns into a nightmare when a bomb explodes during the performance of the Quebec star at Santorini. Several people are killed and others are injured. Both the survivors and the relatives of the victims are marked for the rest of their lives by this tragedy, the author of which we strive to find over the course of the episodes.

In addition to Simon Morin, “Chaos” stars Mélissa Bédard, Christian Bégin, Denis Bernard, Pascale Bussières, Tom-Eliot Girard, Lévi Doré, Ariel Ifergan, Pier-Gabriel Lajoie, Pierre Lebeau, Fanny Mallette, Lysandre Ménard, Henri Picard, Mélanie Pilon, Daniel Thomas and Carla Turcotte.

“We are seeing strong international demand among young adults for thriller stories on relevant and engaging topics of our times. So 'Chaos' has enormous market potential,” said Bavaria Media content sales manager Helge Köhnen.

“You can see it, with all these catastrophes piling up on the planet, there are humans who suffer. With the suspense “Chaos”, we took the time to closely follow the main survivors in order to understand the aftermath of each one and their traumas. To remind us not to let our guard down, it is important for us that the series finds itself on as many screens as possible,” producers André Dupuy and Josélito Michaud added in a joint statement.