Broadway… at home!

Broadway... à la maison!

The arrival of the phenomenon Hamilton on Disney+ has initiated several novices to the world of musicals on stage. In the meantime the re-opening of the lights of Broadway, scheduled for January, here are six other recordings that will allow fans to wait.

Program double with the Ghost

We all know The Phantom of The Opera, fable romantic applauded by over 130 million spectators since its creation in 1986. But its sequel ? Let’s say that Love Never Dies has not experienced the same radiation. And yet. The paths of Christine Daaé and the famous Ghost cross paths again, this time in New York, 10 years after the events of Paris. The result may not be as memorable as the original, it still deserves to be seen, if only to reconnect with the genius of Andrew Lloyd Webber.

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You want to introduce your children to the magic of Broadway ? Why not start with Shrek ? Large and small succumb to the charm of playful and offbeat of the music show featuring the most famous of ogres, surrounded by his accomplices, Fiona, Donkey and company. It revisits the plot of the saga film through a thirty original songs signed David Lindsay-Abaire (“High Fidelity”).

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It is one thing to know it by heart, Seasons of Love, Out Tonight, One Song Glory and other songs from Rent have lost none of their impact over the years. Of course, the work-worship of the late Jonathan Larson is less subversive than it was at its creation, it has been almost 25 years. But his message of acceptance and tolerance, is still more actual today. A major show, and poignant, also the winner of a Pulitzer prize, to see… and then to review.

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Billy Elliot

It is Impossible to be unmoved by the story of Billy Elliot, in which a young boy abandons his boxing training to follow his real dream : to swell the ranks of the prestigious school of ballet in London. The show, adapted from the feature film of the same title, was first captivated the English before crossing the Atlantic, carried by a musical score signed by Elton John.

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Undeniable success on the boards of Broadway for nearly a decade, the musical Newsies, inspired by the strike of street peddlers in new york in 1899, is rather unknown this side of the u.s. border. We love the dance numbers, frankly, breathtaking, and, of course, to the duo of Jeremy Jordan and Kara Lindsay who are resuming their role for the uptake for the platform Disney+.

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