Brooklyn 99 season 7 : the cops, the coolest of New York back in a trailer epic

Brooklyn 99 season 7 : the cops, the coolest of New York in an amazing trailer

Season 7 of Brooklyn 99 will begin next February in the USA. By then, it is a first trailer of a very special that has just been put online. The program ? A Holt depressed, a Jake who makes duds and no baby in sight. Attention spoilers.

The wait is soon over. This is the 6 February that NBC will begin broadcasting season 7 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. And as the series never does anything like the others, she has just revealed the first images of its back in a trailer very special. You can see above, the retro atmosphere is worthy of a series of the 80’s, carried in particular by the famous voice of the YouTubeur Jon Bailey video “Honest Trailers”.

Trailer awesome for the return of Brooklyn Nine-Nine

But more than a tribute to a period that adored Jake Peralta, this video provides us with some indications on the events to come this year. The program ? Captain Holt will live poorly for demotion and will feel more respected by person, or even by his dog who will not want to do poo poo for him, Vanessa Bayer will play Debbie Fogel, his new partner on the field, which promises to be unique, and most importantly, in addition to an avalanche of visual gags and valves, we have confirmation that Jake and Amy will not become parents.

In fact, Melissa Fumero – who played Amy, was recently announced to be pregnant with her second child. However, at each of its appearances in the trailer, we can see the actress spend her time to hide her belly through folders or kept very imposing. So much the worse.

For the little story, we already know that the series will return next year with a season 8. What to enjoy even more of these new episodes.

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