Brooklyn Nine-Nine : season 8 ordered, 3 months before the launch of season 7

Brooklyn Nine-Nine : une saison 8 commandée, 3 mois avant le lancement de la saison 7

Brooklyn Nine-Nine renewed for a season 8

The adventures of police officers in the most oddball of the tv will not stop immediately ! While the season 7 Brooklyn Nine-Nine will not be launched until February 6, next to the United States on NBC, the string comes to meet the fans and the actors : it was announced that the series with Andy Samberg was renewed for a season 8 ! And this is not all : Netflix has also unveiled the release date of the season 6. Noice !

Cancelled by FOX in may 2018 (the same year that Lucifer who will soon return for season 5 on Netflix), Brooklyn Nine-Nine was rescued by NBC. One thing that the string must not regret it : after the success of season 6 and then season 7 starts in a little less than 3 months, the series is already guaranteed to return in 2020 !

A season 8 for Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The chain unveiled Thursday 14 November that he had ordered a season 8 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine , even before the launch of season 7. A new who gives the smile to the fans but also the actors. On the Twitter account of the series, you can discover a video of Andy Samberg (Jake), Melissa Fumero (Amy), Andre Braugher (Captain Holt), Terry Crews (Terry) or Stephanie Beatriz (Rosa) learning the good news when reading a script for an upcoming episode. After the official announcement, the actors have not failed to celebrate the new on the social networks. Check out their videos and photos below :

Season 6 comes on Netflix the…

Because a good new never come alone, Netflix has just announced the arrival of the much awaited season 6 on the platform. See you January 14, 2020 to discover the 18 episodes. “No date for season 7, calmos, “says the humor in the Twitter account. The season 6 had been released in the US+24 on Canal+Series and keeping my fingers crossed that this is also the case for season 7.

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