Brossard Soccer Association: a card for good behavior

Brossard Soccer Association: a card for good conduct


In Brossard, we decided to use an original method to encourage parents and players to have a positive attitude towards referees.

They are awarded a white card at the end of the game.

It was the idea of ​​Rogerio Crespo, technical director of the Brossard Soccer Association, who set up his project this year.

“ At the end of a match, the referee can give a white card to the parents if everything went well and the match is over. was conducted in a respectful manner.

“It's something positive that you can add at the end of a match when the referee goes to the podium and shows the card to the parents,” he explains.


Crespo believes that it had become necessary to do something in order to retain young referees, who could quickly become discouraged by the sometimes vindictive attitude they faced.

“This is a problem that is not unique to our association, it is widespread. This mainly concerns young referees who are starting out.

“Young people aged 13, 14, 15, or 16 are afraid to referee because of the reaction people have to them. Something really had to be done. 

He now hopes that this measure will convince the young referees to stay.

“I hope it will help us on the Referee retention plan. We work to train and develop them and we don't want them to give up.

“We have seen an improvement in behavior since the measure was put in place. It allows us to remind everyone that we must respect the referees. »


For the moment, the measure is applied only in Brossard, but the Association will take advantage of a tournament this weekend to test it with teams from elsewhere, particularly Ontario.

Rogerio Crespo hopes that his idea will a long way across the province and then nationally.

“My goal is for it to become a requirement in the other regions. We haven't had any contact with other associations yet, but I'm working on that.

“Things are going well in our association, after that we're going to tackle the South Shore . We can then contact Soccer Quebec and why not Canada Soccer. »

He even sees bigger and says he hopes that this card will be integrated into the game.

«&nbsp ;I hope that at some point the white card will be quantified like the red and yellow cards. ”