BRP engineers continue to innovate

BRP engineers continue to innovate


Each year, BRP engineers come up with very interesting new features for snowmobilers. The 2024 cuvée continues the tradition.

“The REV G5 platform, introduced last year, will be offered with the 600R E-TEC engine and the 900 AC family of engines,” explained Michel Garneau of Motoneige Québec. We can add to this the redesign of the Backcountry models to make them more stable and efficient on the trail. We also see the introduction of the turbocharged 850 E -TEC Turbo R two-stroke engine in a trail model. There is also the revision of the nomenclature of the models in order to standardize the names of the sub-ranges and finally, the introduction of the Grand Touring Electric, the first electric snowmobile from Ski-Doo. »

< p>In the case of the 600R E-TEC engine, there is a new engine cradle and the addition of a fourth engine mount. There is a reduction in vibration through the use of softer rubber, better alignment of the pulleys and optimization of power transfer, not to mention increased durability of the belts. 

LED headlights are present to ensure better lighting.

BRP has provided a cooling system for the clutches, with relocation of the air intake, to reduce noise levels for the driver. There is a new guard for the clutches and a noise shield. The drive shaft is easily removable, without having to completely disassemble the housing. Track replacement is simpler and easier. Finally, the new REV G5 chassis is now found on Backcountry, MXZ, Renegade and Grand Touring models.

MXZ-RS 850 E -TEC Turbo R

The engineers decided to equip this snowmobile with the 180 HP turbocharged two-stroke twin-cylinder engine in this trail model. A water and methanol injection system has been added to help maintain maximum power, an industry first. BRP's proprietary blend is contained in a 1.2 liter tank, positioned behind the dyno. 

Offered in limited quantities for 2024, the MXZ X-RS features the 850 E-TEC Turbo R engine of 180 HP, making it a very capable trail model.

A series of sensors and an algorithm managed by the electronic control unit determine when injection is necessary. This snowmobile is mounted on a REV G5 chassis, from the family of X-RS models, Competition version, including chassis and suspension reinforcements. Recoil starter and SHOT system are included. This model is available in limited quantities for 2024.


The mandate of the models in this series has been revised with an emphasis on bump performance. Front suspension travel is now identical to X-RS versions on all models except the Sports. The steering post is moved forward on all models to facilitate stand-up driving. The Blizzard sub-line returns for 2024. The semi-active SmartShox suspension system is still offered on the MXZ X-RS 850. Low windshield and hand guards are standard.

< strong>RENEGADE

The 154 turbocharged Freeride will better suit fans of off-trail acrobatic performance.

With the exception of the Sports trim, the full lineup makes the jump to the REV G5 chassis, with a new widebody fairing. These models are equipped with four-stroke engines except for models with Enduro package which are always offered with E-TEC 600R and 850 engines. 

The steering column is further back to ensure more comfort on the trail. The X and X-RS models keep the adjustment block, adjustable fore-aft over a range of 10 cm. Enduro Package models return with IceRipper XT pre-studded track, Pilot X adjustable skis, ACS air rear shock and, new for 2024, 10-digit high definition digital north chart ,25 inches.


Backcountry models, in addition to migrating to the REV G5, have been upgraded to improve trail performance. There is also the addition of dual-pivot steering on the X and XRS models for increased precision, especially in bumps.

The Freeride has been modified to better meet the expectations of more aerobatic pilots. In 2024, the XT rear suspension was added, a 15 inch track instead of 16, for greater handling and better track speed. On the 2024 models, the Pilot DS 4 skis are now part of the equipment.


Here is the first electric model from Ski-Doo, the Grand Touring Electric.

The 2024 vintage marks the arrival of the first electric Ski-Doo, the Grand Touring Electric. This first model is powered by Rotax's patented E-POWER technology. This snowmobile is specially designed for BRP Experience centers to meet the needs of guided tours and minimize the cost of ownership. It will be necessary to wait before this model is available for the general public.

Les BRP engineers continue to innovate