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Bruins: Jim Montgomery takes full advantage of his second chance

Bruins: Jim Montgomery takes full advantage of his second chance


Jim Montgomery epitomizes the concept of second chances. After overcoming the alcohol problems that led to his dismissal in Dallas, the Montreal native is happily leading the best team in the NHL.

Passing through the Bell Center for the first time since the Bruins were hired, the 53-year-old head coach thanks life for the trust placed in him by the organization.

“I am very grateful. I have a chance with the Boston Bruins. They gave me a second chance. But above all, I am happy to have the opportunity to work with a person like Patrice Bergeron. He's an incredible man, ”said Montgomery, who the Stars fired on December 10, 2019.

It's funny how life is sometimes ironic. Montgomery is now behind the bench of the team he cursed throughout his youth. The one who built the great rivalry that is still alive today.

“I watched so many games of this great rivalry when I was young. At that time, I was not cheering on the Bruins. Now I'm a huge Bruins fan,” he said, smirking.

Humble and modest

Leading a team as well-off as the Bruins, dominant both on offense and defense, looks like a blessing for someone wishing to remake their name in the Bettman circuit. With the array of veterans and leaders in this locker room, you'd think this team would run itself.

“Yes, it is (easy to coach). There are so many players who play for the logo, Montgomery mentioned in impeccable French. It's incredible. I have never seen that. The Bruins have so many great team guys. They want to help each other. »

In the opinion of his players, Montgomery shows great humility.

“Jim is a modest man. He deserved this second chance in the NHL. He doesn't want to talk too much about himself, but he has a huge influence on the success of our team, maintained Nick Foligno. We know what he's doing behind the scenes. He is a good communicator. He conveys his messages clearly. »

A pleasant surprise

Second-round pick (43rd overall) in 2003, Bergeron is in his 19th season in the black and yellow uniform. Montgomery is his sixth coach. He therefore has enough perspective to be able to appreciate the work of his new pilot.

“I am pleasantly surprised by all his knowledge of hockey and the way he communicates with us. On the bench, he adjusts very quickly. Whether on an individual or collective level, he finds solutions, ”described the captain of Bruins.

A man of his time, Montgomery is a hundred leagues from Scotty Bowman, who serves as his mentor and with whom he communicates on a regular basis.

“No, I don't have the same methods as him in terms of curfew,” he laughed.

“Jim has a great sense of humor,” confirmed Bergeron. Sometimes a head coach tries to keep a reserve to establish some form of authority. But he finds a nice way to reconcile the two. He knows how to make guys laugh, but also be serious.

Obviously, this is a recipe that works.

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