Brunch at low prices: a good and inexpensive Easter menu

Brunch at low prices: a good and inexpensive Easter menu


In order to help our readers deal with the repercussions of rising food prices, among other things, our new collaborator Myriam Gendron, creator of the site Just food< /em>, offers a weekly menu at a low price from the best grocery discounts of the week.

Discount in groceries from 6 to 12 April 2023

Yes, it's already Easter weekend! For the occasion, here is a file with lots of recipe ideas and tips for entertaining at a low price for brunch!

A brunch is always a great time to get together (it's often even ideal for families with young children!). But it can also be very economical! We put aside expensive proteins and meats and we also have more latitude to adapt to the discounts of the week. Moreover, even if you can serve alcohol (in mimosas for example), it is absolutely not an obligation. It can also make a big difference on the total amount of the bill to opt for non-alcoholic beverages during the meal.

Speaking of discounts, below is a list of grocery bargains worth having for the Easter party.



The key to a successful brunch? The organization!

First, let's talk about quantities. Brunch is both lunch and dinner, and it is the favorite meal of many. Since there is no aperitif or snacks before the meal, as is often the case for dinner, the appetite is usually there. It is therefore difficult to calculate an exact number of servings, but you often have to go up.

Ideally, we prepare everything in large enough quantities so that everyone can fill their plate without having to ration themselves. So we do more, even if we have some leftovers! And too much cooked bacon is a nice problem: it can make great BLTs for weeknight dinners! Too many pancakes? We transform everything into savory pancakes for dinner. Scrambled eggs can garnish fried rice and if you have too many beans… it can be frozen! Your brunch can be used as a meal prep !

When we say organization, we first think of the menu. What do we want to serve (and what is realistic)? Do our guests have any dietary restrictions? It's always good to check before so that everyone can enjoy it. If you have a budget to respect, you can also opt for inexpensive key elements in larger quantities (such as eggs, toast and pancakes with fruit at the current discount). 

Then, we go around the recipes and their preparation to target everything that can be done in advance. This allows us to spend less time in the kitchen the same day and to enjoy the presence of our guests. In the best of all worlds, you can prepare a list with the menu as well as the oven cooking times and temperatures to make a short schedule of the items to be cooked and reheated. It's useful both for not completely forgetting an element of brunch in the fridge when mealtime comes, but also for not losing the thread when going back and forth between the entrance and the kitchen to welcome family and friends. ! 

Brunch is the perfect opportunity to opt for a buffet-style meal: everyone helps themselves… and everyone eats at the same time and to their fill ! Here is a more general list of the type of items that can be served and can be drawn from to obtain a varied buffet:

  • Crepes or pancakes
  • Scrambled eggs (easier to prepare in large quantities and not on demand) or omelet
  • Bread or toast with cretons or spread
  • Pastries
  • Baked beans
  • Meat of your choice (one or more): sausages, bacon, ham
  • Potatoes
  • Fruit platter
  • Vegan options (if needed): scrambled tofu, plant-based meat, plant-based crepes or pancakes.

And, finally, in an ideal world, we make sure to have finished setting up the day before: setting up the buffet section, setting the table, finishing cleaning and preparing the elements of the service (fruit cutting and pre-cooking certain foods, filling the coffee machine, making pitchers of water and/or juice). So you can wake up the same day without being too rushed… and enjoy the day!


The following menu is designed to be made with fairly inexpensive everyday proteins that we often have on hand (or that are easy to find this Easter weekend, unlike the classic ham!). You will also find small notes with tips for adapting the recipes as needed and for getting ahead. This menu is simple, fairly quick to cook, and feasible even if you are at the last minute. Vegetarian and vegan options are also well identified. There's something… for everyone!


Recipe from zest

Good to know!

Pancakes often take longer to cook than you think. No one wants to spend their morning planted in front of the oven watching over their cooking. The positive point is that you can very well prepare them the day before! A good trick to prevent them all from sticking together and thus make them easier to serve during brunch: stack them in packs of 10, separating them from the pieces of parchment paper. On D-Day, we take them off quickly and reheat one pile at a time according to demand by putting it in the oven for ten minutes, and that's it! Besides, if you have prepared too much pancake batter, you can very well freeze it. It stirs well once thawed and it's like a fresh mix!

Recipe taken from Help


Good to know!

Here is a another version of French toast: you can always use the bread you want or have, it's above all a question of the dough-liquid ratio! In fact, the whole thing could have been prepared the day before and put in the oven the same day.

Recipe taken from < em>Helping hand


Good to know!

Do not confuse nutritional yeast (or yeast nutritional) with chemical yeast (baking powder) or instant yeast: it is in fact an inactive yeast with a high protein content and a cheesy taste (they say it is the vegan parmesan cheese!).

As this scrambled tofu will keep for up to three days in the refrigerator, it could have been prepared the day before if needed.

Recipe taken from Helping boost


Good to know!< /strong>

The recipe can be prepared the day before and reheated on the day of brunch. 

Recipe from Help


Good to know!

The dough takes overnight to thaw in the fridge, this is not to be neglected. Chocolatines can be made early the morning of the reception and can be served as is a few hours later.

As commercial frozen puff pastry is usually vegan, you can get a completely plant-based version by replacing the egg with a vegetable drink for browning.

Recipe taken from Coup de Pouce

< /p>

Recipe taken from Helping boost


Good to know!

No goat cheese? Feta will do just fine… or even any grated block cheese you have on hand!

Recipe from zest


Good to know !

Here, we keep in mind that the base of the recipe is ground meat! If we have ground chicken or even ground veal, it will be just as good. As for the bread, if it is sliced ​​bread, you can put the crust on because it is not too hard. And if we only put the crumb, we don't throw away the crusts! They can be put in the freezer for future croutons or for breadcrumbs.

Recipe from Help


Good to know!

2ml is a little less than half a teaspoon while 4ml is a little less than a teaspoon. For cold water, as one cup equals 250ml, use a little less.

Recipe from Boost


Good to know!

The first step could have been done the day before (pre-cooking the potatoes). Otherwise, a good shortcut can be to use store-bought frozen hash browns and season them according to the recipe!


Here, it's not rocket science… we put the fruits that we have or that we like! (Question of conservation, we avoid washing the berries too much in advance and we cut the fruits which oxidize at the last minute.)

Be sure to separate the fruits if some of your guests have food allergies . 

Here is a selection of fruit that we find on sale this week: