Bruno Pelletier: longing in the rain

Bruno Pelletier: nostalgie sous la pluie

There was something like a mixture of nostalgia and sadness, on Sunday evening at the bay of Beauport. Bruno Pelletier ended the tour TD Musiparc, with its greatest success, under a threatening sky, and with the idea that we are witnessing one of the last concerts of this summer.

“I don’t know when we will meet again”, he puffed with a pinch in the heart at the end of his turn singing.

A storm cell had dropped a lot of rain on the bay of Beauport, a few minutes before the beginning of the show, making us fear the worst and forcing them to wait patiently in their car as the storm passes. It should be although there are benefits to attending shows with his car.

Fortunately, the storm dissipated and the show began with a fifteen minute delay. The thunder have given place to the powerful voice of the artist, who was in a contagious form. “We are going to enjoy every second of it”, he let us know, determined.

A show of “blue basket”

After you go and Wherever you are, Bruno Pelletier said that he had put together a show of “blue basket”, entirely in quebec.

To do this, the singer, to the delight of his fans gathered in a few dozens of cars, revisited his greatest hits, including Love, Miserere, Tough and The good guys and the bastard.

Even the side covers that have marked his career, Bruno Pelletier took us back to another era with My blues go could in door , and the dance of The smatte, among others.

The gloomy weather was perhaps not the ideal temperature for a show, but there was something honestly romantic to hear The Manic, “the most beautiful love song in Quebec” under the grey skies.

And of course, Bruno Pelletier has not failed to make a detour to a period that has “changed her life”, that of Notre-Dame de Paris, with The feast of fools and The time of cathedrals, delivered in a thunder of car horns.

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