Brutal police intervention in Quebec: the head of the PLQ troubled and shocked

Brutal police intervention in Quebec: the leader of the troubled PLQ; shocked

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The leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec, Dominique Anglade, is “shocked” and demands an independent investigation after watching the video showing a brutal police intervention on a young person from the community black in Quebec.

“When I saw the footage, I found it excessively shocking, excessively disturbing,” Ms. Anglade said during a short press scrum on Sunday morning on the sidelines of her party convention. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

According to the chef, the images raise many questions concerning this intervention by the Police Department of Quebec City (SPVQ). & nbsp;

“These are young people who are there, which are immobilized. And we continue to send snow, ”said Ms. Anglade. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

Thus, she calls for an independent investigation, arguing that there are too many questions being raised “with these images. “Why do we need to have this type of brutal intervention?” She asks. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

The deputy for Viau, Frantz Benjamin, added that he is were “disturbing images” and that the police need to be better trained. & nbsp; & nbsp;

“They must be trained to respect the rights of the person, but of all people in Quebec society,” he said. & Nbsp;

Shedding light

Saturday evening, the mayor of Quebec Bruno Marchand declared on social networks that he was disturbed by the images circulating on the web regarding this police intervention by the SPVQ. He indicated that “light will be shed on these events.” & Nbsp;

The SPVQ indicated that an internal investigation had been launched following this intervention. According to the Liberal leader, this type of investigation is not sufficient. & Nbsp;

She adds that this intervention raises the question of racial profiling in Quebec. & Nbsp;

To L 'summer 2020, the police department had confessed that there were no black police officers among the 853 officers of the organization. & nbsp; & nbsp;

In May 2021, the City of Quebec announced that it deployed an action plan to allow better representation of visible minorities within its police force, while investing $ 10.5 million to promote “social cohesion”. & nbsp;

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