Bubbly and happy

Pétillante et heureuse

Brigitte Boisjoli took obvious pleasure on the stage of the TD musiparc to the Bay of Beauport. We smelled it and it was noticeable.

It must be said that this initiative summer launched Friday and Saturday, with Marc Dupré, allows artists to finally find their marks and do their job.

And on Sunday, the former Star-Academician appeared to have recovered very quickly, these marks, in supplying, with all the energy he has, a benefit is diverse and entertaining.

“It won’t be long “, she cried, the back of the stage, when the voice pre-announced its arrival. She then arrived, followed by his three musicians.

It has drawn in all of these albums to offer a show without dead time. The blonde singer has been rock, country, reggae, blues, jazz and gospel. She even allowed a few times strong, and successful, as in the segment Without regret, in the beginning of the service, with a few measures of a Dance Monkey and Rolling in the Deep Adele.

Just like this passage with the Hallelujah of Cohen at the end of She’s Got You Patsy Cline show, where it demonstrated the power of his voice.

“Go on, of pout-pout. It makes me laugh a lot. I have the “feeling” of singing in front of a court to “scrap” “, a-t-it started when I heard the first blows of the horn from the fifty cars that were at the rendezvous.

Felt good

The bubbly singer has made reference to the period of withdrawal it is difficult, after months without giving concerts.

“This evening, Brigitte is happy. It’s good to sing and to be with you. It has been a while in the bar “, she did know, hair in the wind, in an evening a little cool and windy on the shores of the Saint Lawrence river.

It offered a solid version of the room During the night with sounds very rock deployed by Jean-François Beaudet and Sylvain Lamothe.

During forbidden Fruit, she has tried to blackmail the public, without much success. Have to say that this is not obvious to hear in his car.

She delivered a version of the felt of Crying by Roy Orbison, where the “pout-pout” rang out, ending his show with The Best of the great Tina Turner.

At the turn of the 2 Brothers, Tuesday and Wednesday, to mount on the stage of the TD musiparc of the Bay of Beauport.

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