Budget 2020: under the radar

Classes for the gifted

The government of François Legault provides $ 94.6 million until 2025 to add new special classes for gifted students or those with special needs. At least 150 classes will be created to support these students through appropriate measures. The government is aware that the pace of learning varies greatly from one child to another, it wishes to better support these students. Judith Desmeules

Better schoolyards

Since the government announced it, elementary school students must take advantage of two 20-minute recess per day, a mandatory measure. To ensure that recreation takes place in a healthy and safe environment, the CAQ plans to provide $ 54 million by 2025 to offer courses in lively and lively schools. Judith Desmeules

Scholarships for engineers

Engineering jobs (mainly computer science and computer engineering) are in demand in Quebec. To encourage students to take the path of this field of study, the government will offer excellence scholarships of $ 1,000 at the end of a first trimester of training, and upon graduation. Investments of $ 25 million over five years are planned for the granting of undergraduate scholarships. Judith Desmeules

Tackling screen addiction

According to a 2017 study, 1.3% of Quebec teens are considered to be Internet addicted, and 18.7% are deemed to be at risk. With these figures in mind, the government is contributing $ 30 million over five years to combat screen addiction among young people. The CAQ wants to develop a vision on the state of the situation in Quebec and propose guidelines to set up in schools and families. Judith Desmeules

No more help with website design

Until Tuesday, companies that created websites could benefit from a tax credit. It was an aid put in place at a time when website design was emerging. The problem is that companies still used it. The CAQ therefore withdrew this activity from the tax credit program for the development of electronic business. This will allow Quebec to save $ 71 million over the next five years. Laura Lévesque

Break the isolation of English speakers

Québec is providing $ 4.7 million to support wellness centers, meeting places reserved for English-speaking communities that offer activities for seniors. These centers, according to documents from the Ministry of Finance, would help combat the isolation of English-speaking seniors. The envelope will make it possible to continue activities in the 40 existing wellness centers and to create 25 new ones by 2022-2023. Laura Lévesque

Easing regulations in the alcohol sectors

The government seems to have listened to restaurateurs and alcohol producers. Administrative reductions are planned at the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux, considered very severe by the industry. The government plans to relax the conditions for restaurant permits, introduce permits for seasonal retailers, reduce the requirements for obtaining a meeting permit and simplify participation in presentation events and discoveries of alcoholic beverages. Laura Lévesque

Facebook contest

The CAQ wants to amend the law on lotteries and publicity contests that force people to pay fees in contests whose prize value exceeds $ 100. For example, a store that competes on Facebook to get $ 200 worth of goods must obtain the Régie’s approval. A rule that puts Quebec at a disadvantage, since several international companies voluntarily exclude Quebecers from their competition to avoid paying fees. The province, it should be remembered, is the only one where these rights are in force. In the budget plan, the CAQ confirms that it will make legislative changes to this law. Laura Lévesque

Fight against organized crime

Quebec will spend 32.5 dollars on the creation of new intervention teams dedicated to the fight against organized crime. New resources to further destabilize the organized structures of criminal networks and their leaders. Despite all the efforts already made, the CAQ notes that “criminal organizations continue to exercise their influence in various spheres of activity”. Laura Lévesque

Abuse in sport

The government is providing $ 2.5 million by 2024-2025 to equip sports federations to counter abuse, harassment, neglect and violence. A measure that comes a few months after the scandal involving the former ski trainer, Bertrand Charest. The latter, remember, was convicted of sexual crimes against young athletes in the 90s. Laura Lévesque

Recruit more foreign experts and researchers

A single window will be set up to facilitate the recruitment of the best foreign experts and researchers. This measure will facilitate the arrival of 150 foreign talents per year. The current procedure, which did not provide for a specific process for requests from researchers, was cumbersome and could dissuade researchers from coming to settle in Quebec. Laura Lévesque

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