Budget for the 2024 Olympics held, more resources for sport at school… what will Emmanuel Macron announce this Tuesday at Insep ?

Budget for the 2024 Olympics held, more resources for sport at school... what will Emmanuel Macron announce this Tuesday at Insep ?

Emmanuel Macron veut intensifier l'activité sportive, notamment à l'école. AFP POOL – JULIEN DE ROSA/POOL

Traveling to Insep this Tuesday, January 23 to send his best wishes to the sporting and Olympic world, the President of the Republic will announce intact ambitions in terms of budget and results at the Olympics. And additional means to develop sport in France, particularly at school.

Emmanuel Macron will travel to Insep, this Tuesday, January 23, as part of the presentation of his Olympic and Paralympic wishes.

The President of the Republic will take the opportunity to meet at length with the French Olympic Judo teams. In front of an audience of a thousand guests, 50% of whom are athletes, he will take the opportunity to encourage all the athletes and the Paris-2024 organizing committee to barely six months from the opening ceremony.

"The revised Olympic budget will be held"

According to the Elysée, the President will reiterate the objective of reaching the top 5 in terms of medals "thanks to 70% additional resources allocated to the National Sports Agency since 2018 to finance the preparation of athletes."

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Emmanuel Macron will also announce that the budget for the Olympics will be held and much lower than those of the Tokyo Olympics, which exceeded 12 billion euros. "The last budget set, after several reevaluations to compensate for inflation will be held", affirms the' Elysée, which also maintains the objective of a 50% reduction in carbon impact compared to the previous edition.

Aim for three million more practitioners in France by 2027

The initial budget of 6.6 billion euros should ultimately amount to 8.8 billion. 4.4 billion for the operating budget of the organizing committee and 4.4 billion also for the construction component managed by Solideo, which will deliver all the works on time, it is indicated. ; But according to the Court of Auditors, significant state expenditure, particularly in terms of security, is not included in this count.

The President should not dwell on the thorny issue of security while the recruitment of security agents is slipping and the mobilized police officers are demanding bonuses and compensation.

Train teachers and renovate sports fields at school

On the other hand, he will make announcements to confirm the ambition to develop the practice of sport in France. "Our objective set in 2017 was to have three million more practitioners, which was achieved in 2022, indicates the Elysée. We want to have three million more by the five-year term."

With particular emphasis on physical activity at school. While the 30 minutes of daily activity in primary schools, introduced more than a year ago, would only be effective in 20 to 30% of schools, the Head of State will announce additional means to facilitate its implementation everywhere: generalization of equipment kits to all schools, specific module in the initial training of teachers, renovation or construction of 5,000 "generation 2024& ;quot; adapted near schools thanks to 300 million euros invested until 2026.  

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