Buffalo herd saves brother from death at the paws of the lions: video

Стадо буйволов спасает собрата от гибели в лапах львов: видео

Стадо буйволов спасает собрата от гибели в лапах львов: видео

Buffalo herd saves brother from death at the paws of the lions: video

Caught in the mess of the Buffalo a long and bravely resisted the enemy alone, but in the end his call of help was heard by the neighbors.

On 10 April 2019 at 16:46


Kruger Park – the oldest national Park of South Africa. Going on a trip, it is necessary to be ready for anything: before your eyes may unfold the unexpected events involving wild animals on the reserve. This time the tour guide with group of tourists was lucky enough to capture the extraordinary sight.

After lunch the car with the tourists went to the Transport Dam, a major water. At the water’s edge in the shade of the trees rested a lion’s pride, and tourists decided to stay and watch – it is known that lions do the hunting. Soon the water went down a herd of Impala, and the raptors gave chase, but antelope briskly rode away (from this moment begins the video).

After the first failure, the lions noticed a large, clearly no longer young Buffalo. Having turned their attention to a new potential victim, the raptors ran after him, driving from different angles. Deciding to escape from the hunters, the Buffalo plunged into the water and swam away, but there was danger on the surface of the water seemed flat jaws of a crocodile. He tried to avoid the toothy new threat, the Buffalo had to turn around and re-enter the side, where he lay in wait for the lions.

Realizing that the fight can not be avoided, Buffalo few minutes opposed “to the Royal family of Savannah” alone: he skillfully avoided their shots, and ominously met the bold attack and made in fear to run away from his sharp horns, even the lion heads the pride.

There is no doubt that after some time, the predators would have exhausted their prey, driving it back and forth across the water and attacking from different sides. But came to the aid of an army of fellow Buffalo who finally heard his cries for help – a call make these animals when they are in danger.

The lions had to get out, and a huge herd of Buffalo located on the banks of the watering hole. And was the male whom they had saved, from this herd, or was a stranger, unknown.

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