Bulitko from “Diesel show” angered happening on “Tancah s with a stars”: “Why would you do that?”

Булитко из "Дизель шоу" возмутило происходящее на "Танцях з зірками": "Зачем такое делать?"

Victoria Bulitko Today

today, 09:53

Unfortunate incident was developed around video presentations to participants of the project “Tantsi z with a stars” actress “Diesel Show” Victoria Bulitko and her partner Dmitry Dikusar. She spoke about it on the social network Facebook.

Victoria Bulitko after installed video card appeared in the network, decided to appeal to the fans and Express their outrage. She noted that the video-card is only used one sentence out of context from which the audience could understand that her colleagues in the Comedy show do not support her participation in the project.

In addition, Bulitko noted that she did not like that in the video used her photo from archive “Diesel Show”, which turns from color to black and white, and then crack.

“I talked a lot about how the guys support me, texting. But somehow out of context took only one sentence. Moreover, took our family photo, which turned from colour to black and white and cracked. Turned everything as if we had a conflict. There is no such. Why would you do that? It makes me sad. Just as it upset the children who watched the show on TV and sent me SMS,” he said Bulitko.

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Victoria Bulitko about “Diesel Show” Diary “Tantsi z with stars”

Here is what it actually says Victoria Bulitko about “Diesel show” the diary “s Dances with stars”. No editing, no cuts. And nobody will be able to embroil the actress show that she gives her time, energy and soul. We will always support our small, but very brave and dedicated Ulitochka!! And together we are a force that cannot be defeated!

Geplaatst door Diesel Show op Woensdag 6 november 2019

Bulitko supported the chief editor of “Diesel Show” Alex Blanar. He’s in a post on Facebook called the meanness and blasphemy is the use of pictures and special effects.

We will remind, Todorenko in a short mini became the host of “Dancing with the stars.”

As reported Know. ua married Vlad Yama with “Tanzu s with a stars” suddenly confessed about the affair with Mogilev.

Also Know As. ua wrote that Carol admired the drastic image change on “Dancing with the stars.”

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