Bull picked up on the horns of a Matador: live

Bull picked up on the horns of a Matador: live

Matador Juan Leal continued to fight after a serious injury.

May 28, 2019 at 17:32


Бык поднял на рога матадора: видео

Бык поднял на рога матадора: видео

Despite public protests around the world, bullfighting remains a part of the tradition of certain countries. Only in Spain, France and Portugal is held annually about 6 thousand corridas, which killed about 30 thousand bulls.

According to the rules, the bull must be killed within 10 minutes after the start of the third part of the fighting, but if the animal manages to survive – it’ll kill at the next bullfight or he will be stabbed “behind the scenes” show. In rare cases, the bullfight ends with the victory of the bull in Spain during the period of XIX-XX centuries killed 63 Matador and 350 assistants. But this “victory” symbol – the bull that killed the man, soon to be put to death.

All the matadors over the years get hurt. Recently the video hit the bullfights in Madrid, during which the bull had planted the 26-year-old Matador from France of Juan Leal (Juan Leal) directly into the horn.

Despite the severe trauma and pain, the man finished the job, killing the beast.

After that Leal was taken to hospital with injuries to the buttocks and sacral spine. Operating its the doctors say that I do not understand how he could continue the battle with this injury most people wouldn’t be able to walk. The hole punched by a bull, reached 25 cm, however the horn, stumbled on the bone, not passed on to the stomach. It saved Matador: now he is on the mend.

Find out how important for the bulls red.

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