Bull season 4 : the trailer and first info on what is waiting for you

Bull saison 4 : la bande-annonce et les premières infos sur ce qui vous attend

Bull season 4 : what awaits you in the suite

This Friday, November 29, M6 airs the last episode of season 3 of Bull. If you like the series, don’t panic : Michael Weatherly will soon be back with season 4, despite the controversy. For the more impatient among you, here is the trailer as well as info on what you can expect. Attention, spoilers.

In December 2018, the New York Times revealed a dark matter around the series Bull : Eliza Dushku who played in the series, has accused the main actor, Michael Weatherly, sexual harassment, and would have left the show in any discretion against a big cheque. Despite this scandal, the CBS channel that is not in its infancy in regards to this kind of case (a star of NCIS had explained that they had been assaulted on the set of the series) has decided to give a season 4 to Bull.

A departure behind the scenes

A controversial decision that has led to a big start behind the scenes. In may 2019, Steven Spielberg, who was one of the producers with his company Amblin Television, has decided to take his distances with the series. Support for the movement Time s Up with his wife, the famous director has not officially commented on the decision, but it is clear that she has a connection with the case had damaged the image of the Bull.

A flash-forward important and the trailer

At the end of season 3, of Bull, Jason learned that his ex-wife Izzy was pregnant with him. Surprise, you will be able to discover their baby as early as episode 1 of season 4… but not child version. This episode contains a jump back in time 27 years, where one can discover the face of the girl from the Bull.

Bull saison 4 : la bande-annonce et les premières infos sur ce qui vous attend

Bull season 4 : the daughter of Jason and Izzy is revealed in a flash-forward

If you are looking to find Bull, check below the first pictures of the season 4. There is a Jason Bull to be in great shape which attempts (but does not seem to succeed) to reconcile with Benny (Freddy Rodriguez)

Season 4 of Bull is being broadcast in the United States and should not arrive before the end of 2020 on M6.

The trailer for season 4 of Bull

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