Bullets dedicated to Aaron Judge and it bothers some

Bullets dedicated to Aaron Judge and çhas bothered some


Major League Baseball has prepared special balls to be used only during New York Yankees slugger Aaron Judge's at bats, whether the players on the field like it or not. 

During his hunt for Roger Maris' home run record (61) in a season in the American League in 1961, Judge attracted everyone's attention and he can be seen on the balls used when it appears inside the batting box. Given to the umpire at the plate before the presence of the right-hander at the plate, these include numbers so that they can be easily identified. After Judge's turn at bat, the officials take back the ones they usually have.

However, Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Kevin Gausman doesn't seem to have appreciated the initiative of the Manfred circuit.

“Why does he need different bullets? Even if we write something by hand on them, I believe he will be able to hit them. I know the reason why it's like this, but it's still weird,” he told Sportsnet.

Gausman can, however, take comfort in the fact that he prevented the player -star to make history at his expense on Monday. He allowed him a single and a walk, before striking it out in the sixth inning, in a 3-2 victory.

“I didn't mean to represent an answer to a question- quiz,” said the gunner.