“Burst, burst”: Alyona Alyona after a rapid conquest of Ukraine has sights on Europe

"Ворвалась, так ворвалась": Alyona Alyona после стремительного покорения Украины замахнулась на Европу

Alain Savranenko

Reparse Ukrainian Alyona Alyona (Alena, Savranenko) , which rapidly broke into show business, released their debut album called “Gun”. The album includes 13 tracks, including “Head”, “Ribki-3”, “Vdcin” and “Talisay sviy dim” that Alain introduced not so long ago. The name of the album it myself, as often calls himself “cannon”.

Also, the singer has unveiled the video for title track “Gun.” In an interview with Apple Musik Alena said that her generation lived in the Soviet Union and he has other values: “…with your experience, we can conclude that we are different and we differently need to grow, to develop our society and our country. The Ukrainian language is the word “pisau”. I “pisay”, that is, I’m proud, I admire his generation. We came and we’ll create your story“.

Face tattoos is not my thing. I just dumpling (gun)“, — reads Alyona Alyona in the title song of the release. “Me in the comments people usually say that I — gun. And I associate myself with something big, cool and with the core inside, “—said the singer. It is known that Alena is scheduled to tour in the near future, in which she will visit several European countries: Germany, Poland, Slovakia.

Ukrainians have reacted to the debut album, and shared their opinions in the comments, among which were both positive and extremely negative:
Alena, a great bit, good read. But with the clip problem, not enough actual dance group, which will transfer the energy that you give.”, “Broke so broke! Cool”, ” What gun? You a nuclear bomb”, “the same type of clips already beginning to pall a little. May try to swing the story in the video?”, “Epileptics clip better not look,” “I am too chubby and I have shortness of breath”, “I only wish that the head had forgotten to wash”, “Allen, you pulled up a bar for female rap, that they are like all going to snub helplessness”, “Raised the whole rap“, “Mom bursts into rap, you’re not a gun you’re a rocket launcher”

Recall that immediately after the forum, Poroshenko Alyona Alyona has released a new clip.

Earlier Znayu reported that it Alyona Alyona locked in a rap battle with Ivan Dorn.

Also, the portal Znayu wrote that it gave a big interview in which has declared that intend to change in Ukrainian music.


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