Bus Laval : possible to know the level of crowding in real-time

Autobus de Laval : possible de connaître le niveau d'entassement en temps réel

The users of the public transportation in Laval can now know in real time the level of crowding on buses.

In the context of the pandemic COVID-19, the difference in public transport lies at the heart of the concerns of the customer.

The Société de transport de Laval (STL), therefore, makes accessible data on the number of passengers aboard all buses.

This tool allows users to make more informed decisions according to their level of comfort with traffic on the bus.

“While continuing to insist on the importance of wearing a cover-face, this new tool will allow Residents to plan their trips with full knowledge of the cause,” says the chairman of the board of directors of the Société de transport de Laval, Éric Morasse.

For the estimation of the level of overcrowding in a bus, just visit the address stlaval.ac/passengers via the computer or smart phone and select the bus loop, the time and destination of the trip desired.

Thanks to the counters, passengers are installed on all vehicles in the STL for several years, the traffic data are recorded in real time on each bus line.

Concerns of the clients

A survey conducted by the STL in may revealed that 64 % of users say they are anxious to resume the bus due to the pandemic. Nearly half of respondents as the main concern the non-respect of the distance physical between the passengers in the bus.

Recall that the regional Authority of metropolitan transport (ARTM) is expected to launch in the coming weeks a mobile app in order to see the level of crowding on buses in Greater Montreal.

The tool developed by ARTM and its partners will also allow users to buy and validate their tickets unit to board the buses through their smart phone.

  • Pierre Lavigueur, senior director, Innovation and development of the network of the Société de Transport de Laval STL, on QUB radio:

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