Business directory “black owned” in the greater Montreal

Annuaire d’entreprises «black owned» du grand Montréal

Following the death of George Floyd, the black American who has been asphyxiated under the knee of a police officer in the United States, several social movements have taken shape (or back to life) in Montreal, such as Black Lives Matter, the Blackout Tuesday, and also the Buy Black, which encourages the purchases in firms whose owners are afro-descendants. Here is a directory of some companies, classified by category, of the great metropolitan area where you can shop to participate in the Buy Black.

Restaurants and bakeries

Restaurant Kwizinn

It is on the Plaza St-Hubert that the restaurant haitian Kwizinn has established itself as one of the best restaurants of creole cuisine in the city. Chef-owner Michael Lafaille and his wife, Claudia Fiorilli, you may offer an experience in the dining room as a catering service. Blow of heart for the dish of burger with plantains, served with potatoes cajuns. Note that a second branch will open its doors in Verdun on Wellington street soon.

6670, rue Saint-Hubert, Montréal


Chief Paul all saints day offers us the flavors of the west Indies at the restaurant Agrikol, and with the cordon bleu of haitian origin, we find the typical dishes of the country such as plantain and weighed, fritters, griot, ground corn and vegetables. Oh, and don’t forget to try the rum-based cocktails, which will take you directly to the beach.

1844, rue Atateken, Montreal –


The family business Lloydie’s is a provider of foods of the caribbean cuisine, but also a restaurant, which serves specialities of Jamaica. On the menu, one can order the famous jerk chicken, the patty beef, chicken, or veg, or macaroni pie. Frankly, everything there is delicious.

2145, Crescent street, and 66, rue Saint-Viateur West, Montreal –


Chef Ralph’s restaurant Palm offers fine fusion cuisine creole, which mix the flavors of the Caribbean with influences of French, Spanish and british. In the entrance, you may enjoy squid crispy served with aioli, curry-home-made. For the main course, the submarine to the dumplings with spicy lamb meat, covered with spicy mayo and slaw is a must try. It is a pig to perfection!

1487, rue Sainte-Catherine est, Montreal –

Boom I s Kitchen

The slogan of the restaurant Boom I s Kitchen says it all: “Taste the difference”. And this difference, it is the savor them in traditional dishes in jamaica. The chicken jerk is prepared in a pan specific imported from Kingston, Jamaica. In addition to chicken, other typical dishes are equally delicious, such as the curry goat, the tail of beef, roast jamaican, pâtés, classic, bread, coconut, salted fish and many others.

2026 rue Wellington, Montreal –

Bakery Spoils You

They are rare in the institutions where it is possible to find croissants, baguettes, fresh bread and chocolatines, but also specialties of the pastry haitian. At the Bakery Spoils You, you can find all this in more pies haitian spicy cod, cheese, beef or chicken. Ask for the hot: it is crisp on the outside and super tender on the inside!

7702, rue Saint-Hubert, Montreal –

The Blue Nile

Did you know that there is since 20 years an excellent restaurant ethiopian cuisine in the heart of downtown Montreal? At Blue Nile, we venture into this cuisine with a plate of kifto beef, very lean raw freshly chopped and mixed with small chilli, butter and seasoned with special herbs or yebeg, pieces of lamb cooked with a mixture of green peppers and fresh ginger root. Vegetarians will also be pleased to know that there are several options available to them.

3706 rue Saint-Denis, Montreal –


Caterers and buffet

Ti Joe BBQ

When the meeting of cultures in quebec and in haiti takes place, it results in putin creole to the griot (pork fried) catering Ti Joe BBQ. The company moves for your business events, your private parties and your festive events. In addition to the poutine, the grilled meats are tasty with ribs, burgers and chicken are also featured.

Contact: 514 445-2151 and

Plate Lakaye

On the South Shore, you will find a Plate Lakaye, cooking dishes authentic haitian. For the residents of the area, it is possible to order by phone, and for special events, the catering service is at your disposal. The griot with rice djodjon, all of the table haitian is there.

3362, Grande Allée, Saint-Hubert, or 450 443-6850

Diolo Catering

We travel to the heart of Africa with the chief senegalese Edmond Benedict Sadio, who is preparing with his restaurant-delicatessen specialities from the african culture of the West as the thieboudienne (red rice, fish, vegetables), yassa (marinated chicken, lemon, onions) or the mafè (beef, with bone, simmered in a peanut sauce and tomatoes, and vegetables served on white rice).

232 rue Jean-Talon West, Montreal –

Fourchette Antillaise

Restaurant, buffet and catering, the Range of west indian hosts your business meetings, receptions, baptism, marriage, communion, birthday or just your friends. It simmers the better of the haitian kitchen: chicken creole, fish sauce, rice paste, shrimp…

5968, rue de Salaberry, Montreal

The Food Kartel

The caterer, The Food Kartel is the best kept secret of Montreal. To place an order, it is necessary to monitor the menu on the page, Instagram and sign up before it all flies away, because the number of orders is limited. The creations combine creole cuisine with the modern cuisine of american to offer waffles and fried chicken, a shrimp burger cajuns with French fries of sweet potato, a surf & turf with ribs, the crab legs, and plantains chips.

Contact: and on Instagram at @thefoodkartelmtl

To the Delight of Patrice

What we like about the Delights of Patrice, is its originality. Patrice, the founder, has created recipes for sweets modern, made with rum and tropical flavors, which can be customized with logos, edible company or even faces. Especially the delicious macaroons that make a hit!


Catering Archer “Dancing Chef”

A head that sways in your kitchen? Absolutely!!! The Caterer Archer “Dancing Chef” offers a catering service at home, but also for special events such as weddings and birthdays and corporate events. You can also select sessions of dance or a nutrition plan with healthy meals for the family or a single person.

Contact: 514 294-6164 or to the address


Beauty and cosmetics

Lounge Achaia Select

Very popular with the black community of Montreal, Achaia Maguy is the queen of beauty. Whether you need an installation of hair extensions or a makeup worthy of Kim Kardashian, her beauty salon is a must for your evening glam!

2462, boulevard Curé-Labelle, Laval and 4524 rue Jean-Talon, Montreal


Imagine a blend of natural ingredients, traditional Africa, and the rudiments of the aesthetics of paris. This is what a successful business woman originally from cameroon Rose Gwet, with his montreal company LUXCEY, which we can find the products in several luxury spas in the city. Its serums, balms and other oils that are sold in its online store.

Varda Cosmetics

The popular broadcaster and writer Varda Etienne will launch shortly his own line of cosmetics Varda Cosmetics, which applies to all colors of skin and which is available to pre-order on the web. To see photos of the demonstration, we’re already the red lip hyper pigmented, perfect for the summer.

Nagi Cosmetics

Among the brands of cosmetics quebec, Nagi Cosmetics stands out for its specialised products for dark skin. The president and chief executive officer of the company, Gina Delisme, has created it to meet the demand of women from cultural communities who wish to find a wider range of pigments that which then existed on the market.

Available in several branches of Jean Coutu and online at

Clinical Skulpture

The clinical medico-aesthetic Skulpture, located in Laval, provides services at the cutting edge of technology for the face and the skin endermologie for cellulite, rhinoplasty without surgery, agents of dermal fillers to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and more. The owner Marie-Paul Gedeon is a true passionate of the world of the aesthetic.

3055, boulevard Saint-Martin Ouest, Laval

Nancy Cliff – School-of-hair curly-Montreal

Notice to hairdressers who wish to specialise in hair for frizzy hair: go to the School of hair, curly hair, Montreal, Nancy, Cliff, who is the co-owner of the salon Nana and The Girls and a hairdresser for 18 years. You will learn all the basics of how to work with the manes curled, maintenance to the cup, passing through the colouring and the various methods of care.

Spa At Home

The owner of the Spa At home, Félicidad Victor, offers to bring spa services to your home or even within your company. Spa At home offers a variety of services: manicure, pedicure, facial, waxing and even massages. The company is also at your disposal for special events, such as bachelorette party or birthdays.

Gourmet products and grocery

Market Hodgepodge

The grocery Market Méli-Mélo is a must in the area of Villeray. The place offers several exotic foods that come from Haiti, such as rice, avocados, mangoes, seafood, the chayotte (vegetable mirliton) and more. The address is especially known for its famous snack of gourmet haitian, located at the back of the shop.

640, rue Jarry est, Montreal


Marinades, hot sauces and condiments spicy PHAFO will give flavor to your recipes. Inspired by the haitian kitchen, and manufactured in Quebec, these products are developed by Dimitri Jules are a foray into the cuisine of the Caribbean.

Available in a number of delis in Montreal and online at

LS Cream

The radius of the liquor at the SAQ, you can discover LS Cream, which is inspired by the kremas, drink, iconic haitian. The businessman Stevens, Charles has concocted a unique blend of fresh cream and spices of the island, which is also gluten-free and kosher. This spirits rich is to be enjoyed on ice or in a cocktail.

Offered at some branches of the SAQ and online at


The young entrepreneur of haitian origin, Freddy Lloyd Louissant has launched a range of spices haitian named WOUUSHH!, which includes the famous pikliz traditional (a mix of cabbage and spices which goes well with all meats and fish).

Shop online at

Cashew Kitchen

The investigator of the Gala Dynasty and columnist Carla Beauvais has co-founded Cashew Cuisine, a delivery service of a kitchen kit that allows you to prepare meals with your children. This kit offers simple recipes and educational with a focus each time a different country with local ingredients.

Available online on


The word manba, which comes from the creole, means “peanut butter”. It is therefore no surprise that the company Manba, co-founded by Stanley Dumornay, offers jars of peanut butter designed according to a traditional recipe haitian. Made in Quebec, these nut butters and vegetarian, certified kosher, and gluten-free does not include oils or preservatives, and are made only of natural and organic ingredients. The happiness on your toast!

Available at several retailers and online at

Brown Sugar

Lindsay Brown, pastry chef and founder of the pastry Brown Sugar, is the reference in terms of cakes for all special events: birthdays, bachelorettes, graduations, first communion, weddings and more. Try also to its other specialties such as chocolate mousse and a lawyer, the cupcakes, the frosted mango ice cream vegan and the cake upside-down pineapple.

Shop online at

Bayard Cakes

Have you ever tasted a moist rum cake? If the answer is no, check out this product thanks to the pastry online Bayard Cakes. You can also succumb to other creations sweet of the owner Frénie, covered in butter cream-based swiss meringue that make it is absolutely divine.

Shop online at

Fashion and clothing

My Sweetheart Blue Bridal Boutique

Nathale Phillips opened the shop My Sweetheart Blue Bridal Boutique in the heart of Rosemère. In an intimate atmosphere, brides can choose the gown of their dreams among the hundreds of models of international designers recognized in the industry. Nathale attends all the exhibitions to source the parts latest.

303, chemin de la Grande-Côte, suite 200, Rosemere –

It Sublime

For accessories that are out of the ordinary, take a ride on the pages Instagram @ddepeine and @ellesubline, where the designer of haitian origin Dihlia Depeine offers jewelry for women and for men. She discovers also from around the world to give punch to your looks.

Online store available soon, but for the moment, purchase on Instagram at @ddepeine and @ellesublime

Risk Boudoir

Need an evening dress or cocktail? No need to spend a fortune by going with Risk Boudoir. The owner Rose Tassy has opened its rental service for dresses almost a year. His speciality: the diversity, with models that fit all types of silhouettes.

Online store available soon, but contact on Instagram at @risque_boudoir


The stylist Ezekiel Debrosse has dressed many big names of Montreal: Patrice Bernier, Georges St-Pierre, Luc Poirier, Etienne Boulay and Jean Pascal have recourse to its services. Its tailors luxury bespoke for men are popular among customers in the business world, in sports and in the showbusiness.


Shako Montreal

The designer Shako Dimoke opened his shop in 2015, and since then, his collections for modern women make of the woes. The classics and those most daring are proudly made in Montreal. In addition, the prices are super affordable. The designer has also launched a special collection, “quarantine” with masks and outfits inside.

1455, rue Peel, suite 107, Montreal, and shop online at

Ledah Studio

For the past few years, the creative Lola Atta establishes its place in the fashion industry in Montreal. With Ledah Studio, it offers its customers an online shop where to find classic reinvented and essential wardrobe for women. The pieces are created in her workshop and made in Canada. From the office to the beach, through the evenings, you will find clothes for all occasions. Moreover, in this period of COVID-19, she created masks unisex.

Shop online at

Events and entertainment

Pop and Balloonz

Birthday, shower, baby, wedding, graduation… all the important events of your life may benefit from a dose of magic thanks to Josie Savior, and his business Pop and Balloonz. It provides, in particular, balloons colors, cotton candy machines, carts, popcorn and balloons in the shape of letters and numbers giants.


Marilyn Signature

Whether it’s a wedding or a business event, the organizer Marilyn Mahotières takes care of everything, in every detail. With its experienced team, it will answer all your requests, from flowers to table decoration to the choice of seats. Marilyn is a star in the haitian community of Montreal. With its service Shop Last Rest, the orchestra also of the funeral.


GEAK Events

The contractor Alexandre Kénol is specialized also in the world of the event for the business events, community and sports. His company GEAK Events is in charge of the planning, research, sponsorship, design and realization of events. It is to Mr. Kénol is the event Patrice Bernier and his friends, for the benefit of the Home of Haiti, which takes place every year.


Bad Boys of the Laugh

Renzel Dashington door at the end of arm the new collective comedy of The Bad Boys of the Laugh. The former manager of Cornelius, who began his career in the music industry, is now focused on humor, with talented artists from the cultural diversity. Since 2017, he puts it on the foot of the evenings of comedy, that are really out of the beaten path.

Visit the page

The festivals of Fabienne Colas

Proud activist for diversity in the media, the entrepreneur and actress Fabienne Colas founded several festivals, which normally occur in the course of the year in Montreal, including the Festival international du film black de Montréal and the Festival Haiti en folie. Through these cultural events, it promotes the talent film of the black community of Canada and the world, and the discovery of the haitian culture.

To follow his work:

Art and deco

Kaméléon workshop by Régine Apollon

The business of interior design Kaméléon workshop by Régine Apollon creates moods at once modern and timeless, in the residential and the commercial. Ms. Apollo also holds a pretty decoration shop in Sainte-Thérèse, which features the products of several artisans of quebec.

31, rue Turgeon, Sainte-Thérèse –

Nyumba Design

Nyumba Design was born out of a desire to show african art. Its founder Linda Neyret Kamgue, a young entrepreneur is of French origin cameroon, is located in the suburbs of Montreal and offers a multitude of decorative accessories, crafts, african masks, jewelry, and more.

533, rue des Cascades, Saint-Catherine –

Art gallery and boutique Emerald Michel

Art collectors, art Gallery & boutique Emerald Michel is for you. Ms. Michel, fashion designer and gallery owner, presents works of painters and artisans of international fame from Haiti, the Caribbean and elsewhere. There you will find a series of sculptures, paintings, drawings, crafts and more.


Neon District Montreal

Neon District Montreal made signs custom neon and LED signs in three dimensions, for all kinds of occasions. Indeed, one could admire the work of District Neon on the set of the final of the emission Occupation Double in South Africa.



JayTrain Lifestyle

A few years ago, Jacques Renaud was plagued with health problems due to overweight. He then adopted a healthy living regime and has become a guru of the gym. After having lost several kilos, he decided to found JayTrain Lifestyle, a gym with private classes or group, which welcomes men as well as women who wish to get in shape and lose weight.

6667 rue Saint-Hubert, Montreal –

Bodylicious by Drea Wheeler

Drea Wheeler has created the online program of group classes and fitness Bodylicious, that makes you lose a ton of calories by dancing. The platform of this fitness coach based in Montreal has even been recommended by actress Gwyneth Paltrow and her site, of well-being Goop.

See you at the

Ness Martial

The coach Ali Nestor founded the sports academy of martial arts Ness Martial, which specializes in combat sports such as boxing, kickboxing, jiu jitsu, karate and bootcamp. In addition, it has also created the foundation for The princes.sses. the street through which troubled youth can train and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

3700 boulevard Crémazie est, Montreal –

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