Businessmen and jobbers: outside of the police!

Businessmen et jobbers: dehors de la police!

We learn that a sergeant of the SPVM is the owner of a company for sales of military equipment and police officers. From 2017, the law on police prohibits officers have a second job: a leader of the SQ real estate agent was in his lawyer to solve cases while he should have been in the process of managing the significant impact of a snow storm.

Be part, or even a single officer from a police department is a full-time job, it seems to me. Police, entrepreneurs, police-jobbers, how can you justify that ? The police, in Quebec, are they so poorly paid that they must, in order to feed their children, ask on a second job or open a binerie ? Agents and officers are they forced to start a business in order to avoid destitution ? I don’t think so.

How many hours per week a police officer-entrepreneur devotes to his duties of CEO ? Her job as a police officer ? When urgent problems arise in his business, is it the o-ring with cellular on a scene of the taking of hostages or riots, to take a decision ? Will he do business (or refuse to) with companies related to organized crime ? Journalists malware suggest that there is a number in the construction industry. Our police officer-contractor will use the resources of the police to check the backgrounds of its customers, its employees, its competitors ?His company will therefore enjoy special protection ? That such questions come naturally to mind shows to what point the situation is unhealthy.

And the prestige that derives from being part of the police gives the police a businessperson an advantage over its competitors with customers. They will assume, even if it is never mentioned, that the police officer-contractor is honest, he respects more ethical than its competitors, it has the necessary relationships to make things happen or to prevent that they derailed. And if he does business with other police services, will there not be privileged over other bidders. “A boyfriend he’s a chum,” it still exists more in the police than elsewhere. And it applies not only to the cops who run businesses. Any gainful activity of a police officer outside of his or her service poses problems. The employer committed the police because he thinks that it may be useful to them ? He uses the belonging of the employee to the police as a certificate of integrity with customers and suppliers or, on the contrary, as a means of intimidation, in the event of a conflict ?

The problem is not limited to the SPVM. How many police officers in Quebec have a second job or a career contractor ? The minister of public Safety and the heads of the different bodies of police should tell us how many of them have profit-making activities in addition to their function of guardian of the peace. The names of all this beautiful world should be reported to the Commission on police ethics and accessible to the public.

A career in the police is not compatible with the exercise of any other employment. You are enterprising, you want to start a business, you think you have found the way to become a millionaire ? Bravo ! There must be guys or girls like you. Resigns from the police and go into business.

What is in question, it is the image of impartiality of the police. It is as important as that of the judiciary. It would not let judges exercise a job in parallel, or starting a business. It does not in the police as he enters a league of garage. If police are bored when they are not working, I have a suggestion for them, consistent with their duty of public service : volunteer with. Like in NURSING homes, for example.

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