“But what a c * uillon”: the incredible dumpling of Cristiano Ronaldo who should not have made Saudi Arabia laugh

"But what a c*ullion": Cristiano Ronaldo's incredible dumpling that doesn't shouldn't have made Saudi Arabia laugh

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"But what a c*uillon": Cristiano Ronaldo's incredible dumpling who didn't have to ; make Saudi Arabia laugh

“But what a c * uillon”: Cristiano Ronaldo is already a huge dumpling after his arrival in Saudi Arabia Cristiano Ronaldo is officially a player … of Al-Nassr. After seeing Manchester United get rid of him, the five-time Ballon d'Or has just signed an XXL contract in Saudi Arabia. A transfer that disappoints (almost) all his fans, unconvinced by this sporting project, and which amuses all his haters. And it's not his first dumpling during the press conference that will calm things down.

After being fired from Manchester United, the fault of behavior deemed unacceptable, and after seeing European clubs turn their backs on him, cooled by his salary and his ego, it is on the side of Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia that Cristiano Ronaldo left to take refuge in order to pursue his career. And it's an understatement to say that this choice makes fans cringe.

Cristiano Ronaldo arrives in Saudi Arabia…

In question ? Despite everything that the ex-Real Madrid star tries to make believe – his press conference organized this Tuesday, January 3, 2023 was totally lunar with statements as ridiculous as they are hypocritical, this new adventure clearly does not seem to have been dictated by a sporting ambition, but a desire to blow up his bank account.

At the same time, when we know that he will receive a salary estimated at nearly 200 million dollars per year (!), even though he declared in 2015 that he had no intention of ending his career in a second-class club, “In my mind, I will end my career at the highest level. With dignity, in a big club. It doesn't mean it's not good to go and play in the USA, Qatar or Dubai, but I can't see myself going there“, it's hard not to think otherwise.

… but is already in the wrong country during his press conference

The proof, even he doesn't really seem to be interested in the club today which he has just joined. During this famous press conference, during which he had just praised the level of his new championship, “There are no teams less strong than others because they are more and more prepared. I don't care what people think and it's my duty to prove them wrong, to change their vision of the Championship and the country “, CR7 indulged in a particularly embarrassing little dumpling .

Ready to do anything to convince journalists and fans that this transfer was the best decision to make, Cristiano Ronaldo simply took the wrong nation when talking about his new adopted country.”Football has changed. The evolution of the game is also different“, he first contextualized, before ensuring without trembling, “In my opinion, it is not the end of your career to come to South Africa .” Ouch, the loser.

A simple slip? Surely, but which is nonetheless embarrassing, especially since it has not been corrected behind. On the contrary, the player continued by adding: “That's why I wanted change. And to be honest, I don't care what people say“. On the other hand, it would have been interesting for him to pay attention to his geography lessons.

The fans are laughing (again)

It will not surprise anyone, this dumpling – although frivolous and stealthy, didn't go unnoticed and was quickly mocked on social media.”Ronaldo begins his lucrative retirement in A. Arabia with a Joe Biden-esque blunder, evoking South Africa. Amazing how money can alter judgment“, can we read on Twitter, just like, “But what a c*uillon this Cristiano Ronaldo…“, or even , “Saudi Arabia really just paid Ronaldo $200m to say he's excited to play in South Africa lol“.

A new controversy that Cristiano Ronaldo would have done well without but that he could quickly forget. It is indeed this Thursday, January 5, 2023 that his club Al-Nassr will play his next match. Enough to see him play for the first time under his new colors?