Buy “gray” iPhone: what risks for the Ukrainian buyer it carries and how to avoid them

Why Ukrainians are buying “gray” phones? How do they differ from the official? How can you be sure that you will sell an official model? Where can I find a list of official sellers and service centres of Apple technology?

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Покупка "серого" iPhone: какие риски для украинского покупателя она несет и как их избежать

What is the item called “gray” and why

Unlike machinery officially imported for sale in the country (and passed all the necessary certification), the device appeared on the market in circumvention of the legitimate channels of distribution, and without payment of customs duties and taxes, called “gray”. They are opposed to the official supplies, which are “white”. Gray goods is not only a violation of the law, its sale is contrary to the principles of the manufacturer, which cannot guarantee the proper maintenance of this device that bears the risk for his reputation.

Why Ukrainians are buying grey goods?

The main reason for such a purchase — the lower price of the goods not occur as a consequence of market competition, and due to the violations of tax laws. Simply put, this price does not include customs fees and taxes. The Ukrainian market is very sensitive to the price factor, and the mobile operators, there are no subsidies for mobile phones, as is customary in countries with developed economies.

What are the risks of buying grey iPhone?

The world of modern electronics complex, so manufacturers trying to protect you from a bad customer experience, controlling the official distribution. The phone is trapped on the shelf of the store, bypassing the official distribution channels can be restored after the repair and sold under the guise of the new. Itself is selling remanufactured (refurbished) phones — it is quite legal, but in this case, first, restore your iPhone happening at the plant that collects Apple equipment. And secondly, the seller must notify the buyer that the phone has been restored after repair. Apple’s policy prohibits the sale of original components on the open market, so the phone restored not under the control of the manufacturer, uses the informal or pre-owned components that do not pass strict quality control.

In addition, the gray distribution channels can get functionally trimmed test samples of the phones (which, for example, may not work Bluetooth or Wi-Fi). Often we have to market are phones intended for sale in other markets, and tied (locked) for specific operators. Before selling them pereprodavat (change factory software), but the surprise can wait for a buyer after upgrading the system after six months or a year after you have the upgrade, so iPhone can not work, because it will receive a firmware update for the operator, under which it was created. In the end, the phone just won’t work in the network of Ukrainian mobile operator, which would entail a trip to the service center and lost time and/or money.

How to determine the unofficial Apple equipment?

All Apple authorized sales points only sell the official Apple equipment and have the appropriate certificates. Sellers are required to show them upon request of the buyer. In the scope of delivery of each iPhone there’s always the legal warranty of the company Asbis, the exclusive iPhone distributor in Ukraine. Such a card allows you to seek warranty service phone to any authorized service center, authorized Apple, and in which repairs staff with the appropriate security clearance — these people undergo training and receive a certificate from the manufacturer authorizing to repair Apple gadgets in the official service centers of the manufacturer.

To verify the legality of the iPhone (and assigned to him the right to formal service support Apple) in the store, on a special page of Apple website: where to check, simply enter a unique serial number. He serial number is always on the box with the phone, or it can be found in the tab “Devices” in your iTunes application.

Legal the phone is easy to distinguish the part in the model name — it is also written on the packaging and in the menu “About phone”. All iPhone articles UA/A, RM/A, RK/A, Z/A, SU/A, FS/A was made taking into account all the peculiarities of the Ukrainian market and intended for sale in Ukraine.

That means status Apple Authorized Reseller

All Apple authorized point of sale have the status of Apple Authorized Reseller (Apple authorized seller). This means that all Apple products this store is legitimate, that is, sold with all taxes and fees, regulated by laws of Ukraine, and sales consultants is also certified by Apple Inc and passed the necessary training.

Phones that are sold in stores with the status of Apple Authorized Reseller intended for sales in Ukraine and is guaranteed to work (including mobile Internet 3G/4G) with all Ukrainian operators, as compliant with all local standards and technical conditions of electric networks and mobile communications.

How to find the authorized service center Apple?

The most reliable and current list of authorized Apple service centers can be found on the page of the website Asbis is the exclusive distributor of Apple in Ukraine: There are service centers located in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Lviv and Dnipro. Logic dictates that it makes sense to buy official iPhone in the shops that have their own authorized service centers, which will allow to reduce time for repair and maintenance if the need arises. It is worth remembering that the right to free guaranteed services in authorized service centers only have official Apple iPhone (regardless of what city they were purchased).

Three advantages of buying from an authorized official iPhone sellers

  1. Guarantee purchase the official iPhone, adapted for our market

  2. Warranty and service from a certified Apple service centers

  3. Professional consultations sellers, Apple certified and specially trained

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Покупка "серого" iPhone: какие риски для украинского покупателя она несет и как их избежать

Покупка "серого" iPhone: какие риски для украинского покупателя она несет и как их избежать

Покупка "серого" iPhone: какие риски для украинского покупателя она несет и как их избежать


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