Buy PlayStation 5: game console available for pre-order

The official price for the PlayStation 5, Sony has not announced, so the stores sell “place in line”

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Купить PlayStation 5: игровая приставка доступна по предзаказу

Pre-order PlayStation 5 available for 50 euros

This week modest Sony announced a new PlayStation 5 the next generation. First wrote about this edition of Wired, and then the announcement came on the official PlayStation blog, with no traditional presentations was not, and only superficial information regarding gamepads and the approximate date of commencement of sales. Just a few days after the announcement of PlayStation 5 became available for pre-order in several stores.

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The Belgian chain Game Mania stores without waiting for the official start of sales started the process of pre — order Deposit only 50 euros, the user buys a “place in line”, which will get a new console one of the first in the Netherlands and Belgium. However in order to make a Deposit, the potential buyers will have to go to one of the 76 offline stores, as online pre-orders will not be accepted. The retailer certainly feel that the excitement around the start of sales of the PS5 will not be less than when buying the first iPhone.

Купить PlayStation 5: игровая приставка доступна по предзаказу

Pre-order PlayStation online 5 is not available yet

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It is worth noting that the official price for the new console Sony has not announced, delighting the fans only start of sales of the Christmas holidays 2020. But given the cost of the previous generation PlayStation, the price of new items is expected in the area of 400-500 dollars. The company for many years, learned my lesson with PlayStation 3 when the price tag in 2006 was hiked to $ 600 that was too expensive.

Earlier, Sony showed how to run games on the PlayStation 5. Was also recently revealed specific details of the game Grand Theft Auto 6.

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