By accident the man received half a million dollars

American plans to spend the prize money on buying a new car

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Благодаря случайности мужчина получил полмиллиона долларов

The American has hit the jackpot in the lottery

46-year-old man from the U.S. state of Michigan bought a lottery ticket on the way to mother and hit the jackpot – half a million dollars. The winner plans to spend the prize money on buying a new car and a trip to Michigan. It is reported by news portal UPI.

People in the U.S. bought a ticket of instant lottery at the gas station. Back in the car, he immediately checked the results of the drawing, and learned that he became a rich man.

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“I could not believe my eyes and scanned the ticket in the store. All of this was true. The head does not fit! – says the man. – Not so often play the lottery, but the ticket 24 Karat Gold caught my attention. Then I decided to take the risk.”

Earlier “Today” wrote that gamblers from the city of Albany in Australia won the lottery due to odds. In addition, we talked about jeffy Heininge from the American city of Harrison, who pulled out from the garbage thrown out on the eve of a lottery ticket and hit the jackpot.

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