By-election in Marie-Victorin: 8 things to know about this riding

Éby-election in Marie-Victorin: 8 things to know about this constituency


A by-election will take place on April 11 in the riding of Marie-Victorin, the Legault government announced on Tuesday; here are eight things to know about this provincial riding:

1. Historically PQ

Since its creation in 1980, the constituency has been held mainly by members of the Parti Québécois. Liberal Guy Pratt, who was elected in a 1984 by-election, was the only exception.

2. Catherine Fournier

The new mayoress of Longueuil is the last elected to have represented the citizens of Marie-Victorin in the National Assembly. Elected under the PQ banner in 2016 and 2018, the MNA left the PQ caucus in 2019 to sit as an independent until her election as mayor of Longueuil in the fall of 2021.

< em>3. Bernard Drainville

From 2007 to 2016, the riding was represented by former minister Bernard Drainville. Journalist and television host, the latter resigned in 2016.

4. Tight race in 2018…

During the last general election, in 2018, incumbent Catherine Fournier was re-elected by just 705 votes after a close contest. Martyne Prévost, candidate for the CAQ, finished second with 28.4% of the vote against 30.8% for Catherine Fournier. Québec solidaire candidate Carl Lévesque finished third with 21.7% of the vote.

5. …and in 2022?

History is likely to repeat itself in the by-election that will take place on April 11. According to the latest Léger poll, the CAQ and PQ candidates both garnered 33% of the voting intentions a month ago.

6. Six candidates

Called to the polls, voters will be able to choose from among six candidates.

The Parti Québécois will be represented by Pierre Nantel, former federal deputy for Longueuil-Pierre-Boucher/Longueuil-Saint-Hubert (2011-2019) for the New Democratic Party. He briefly sat as an independent after being kicked out of the NDP caucus. He ran for the Green Party in 2019, but was defeated.

The CAQ has set its sights on Shirley Dorismond to try to win. She is a nurse specializing in gerontology and former vice-president of the Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec (FIQ).

Québec solidaire recruited Shophika Vaithyanathasarma, a former Bloc Québécois candidate in the last election. Federal.

The PLQ will try to elect Émilie Nollet, a researcher at Saint Paul University in Ottawa. She is also director and co-founder of Heptagone, a company that develops strategies for inclusion, diversity and employment equity.

The Conservative Party of Quebec, led by Éric Duhaime, has on the candidacy of the actress Anne Casabonne. The latter garnered 8% of voting intentions in the most recent Léger poll.

Finally, Martine Ouellet will try to return to the National Assembly under the banner of her new party Climat Québec. The former elected Parti Québécois (2010-2018) was notably a minister in the government of Pauline Marois. She became leader of the Bloc Québécois in 2017, but was subsequently defeated in a vote of confidence.

7. 1995 Referendum

During the 1995 referendum on Quebec independence, the constituents voted yes by 60.54%. The participation rate reached 93.14%.

8. Marie-Victorin

The riding was named Marie-Victorin in honor of Brother Marie-Victorin, born Conrad Kirouac, a great botanist who lived and taught in Longueuil.


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