By Morin admits a behavior objectionable to Safia Nolin

Maripier Morin admet un comportement répréhensible envers Safia Nolin

By Morin acknowledged that it “would have been a reprehensible behaviour” towards Safia Nolin, less than twenty-four hours after the singer was accused on Instagram of sexual harassment and have bitten on the thigh in a bar in Montreal, in may 2018.

In a suite of stories published as on Instagram, the actress and presenter says it is deeply sorry. “God knows it’s happened to me in live situations of excess and abuse on the part of some people. It is deplorable to realize that it has happened to me (sic) to be one of these people this evening.”

On Tuesday night, Safia Nolin launched a bomb on the social networks saying that a “women of the most popular on TV in Quebec me to assault (sic)“.

See this publication on Instagram

A publication shared by Safia Nolin (@safianolin) 8 Juil. 2020 at 8 :06 am PDT

“She told me that she received messages on IG [Instagram] saying that she looked like my ex and she asked me if it meant that I found it hot. She pandered to and was two inches from me…”

Safia Nolin has also written as By Morin had held racist and has posted pictures of the traces of a bite. “She bit me on the thigh so hard that I had a blue huge for two weeks.”

“The next day, revealed By Morin, Safia Nolin has sent me a photo accompanied (sic) of a “lol” to a mark I’d made on the thigh. This is only a few days later, when she sent me a new photo of the mark, that I realized that I would have had a reprehensible behaviour.”

After having admitted to not having “been able to read or understand the limit that I would be able to cross”, By Morin indicated that he had tried to reach Safia Nolin after its publication on Instagram, “to speak”. “It was not comfortable to do so and I respect his choice.”

  • Our journalist Félix Séguin was at QUB radio to talk about it :

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