By Morin admits his wrongs towards Safia Nolin

Maripier Morin admet ses torts envers Safia Nolin

Marc-André Lemieux

By Morin acknowledges to have been “improper behaviour” and apologizes to the singer Safia Nolin, who is accused of sexual harassment and physical assault at a party in 2018.

In a message ephemeral published on Instagram Tuesday night, Safia Nolin tells that the facilitator and actress, who celebrated his 34 years on the same day, would have overwhelmed advances unwanted “in a tone super sexual” in a montreal bar in may 2018.

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A publication shared by Safia Nolin (@safianolin) 8 Juil. 2020 at 8 :06 am PDT

“She pandered to and was two inches from me and I was like a block of ice,” writes the singer-songwriter.

She accuses him of also having regard to the racist remarks to a waitress.

“The bartender black is angry because she is black “, would be launched By Morin.

“After that, she bit me in the thigh so hard that I had a blue huge for two weeks,” says Safia Nolin, who accompanies his message of pictures of that bruise.

Safia Nolin has published on the social network Instagram photos of a bruise, as a result of alleged physical assault, which allegedly took place in may 2018.

“It is not because the person in question is a woman and it measure 4 feet and 11 inches as it is not sexual harassment “, she adds.

In a note published on Instagram, Stéphanie Boulay, of the group The sisters Boulay, corroborates this testimony.

“I saw Safia in the aftermath of the events. She was upset, told the whole in the same way, word for word. “

The record label Bonsound has indicated that the artist would not grant an interview on this matter.

Not including ” the limit “

Attached to the phone late Tuesday night, By Morin did not wish to respond to these allegations.

But Wednesday afternoon, in a message of apology posted online, the former candidate ofdouble Occupancy was confirmed to have attended the festive evening with “between friends” in which the singer of 28 years was invited.

“She pandered to and was two inches from me and I was like a block of ice. […] She told me that she was going to put me in a cage and she was going to feed me. All this, on a your super sexual […] ” – Safia Nolin

“The next day, Safia sent me a photo with a “lol” to a mark I’d made on the thigh “, she says.

This is only a few days later, after sending a new picture of the footprint, that By Morin apologized.

“I would not have been able to read or understand the limit that I would be able to cross. […] Never ever I would have wanted to take advantage of our close proximity, but I’m aware that it’s only me who feel this, “says the presenter, who admits to being” deeply sorry “.

The ex-wife of hockey player Brandon Prust says he tried in vain to communicate with Safia Nolin, on Tuesday evening.

“It was not comfortable to do so and I respect his choice,” she wrote.

Blush leaves

This story has already lost a contract By Morin. The company of lingerie Blush has announced that it broke its links with it, removing Wednesday, the collection By X Blush of its web site.

Bell Media, owner of Z, the string on which By Morin anime But why ? has not wanted to comment.

Buick and Market Goodfood, two brands with which that celebrity is associated, have not responded to our messages.

  • Our journalist Félix Séguin was at QUB radio to talk about it :

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