By Morin: the price to pay

Maripier Morin: le prix à payer

By Morin cartoon Z-tv a series entitled’ But why ?. It’s just as well.

These are precisely the two words that come to me most often at the mouth about by Morin in the last few days…


But why… was it removed his name from nominations at the gala Artis and the Gemini awards ? Why is this an appropriate punishment ?

But why… to strip By Morin until the last breath ? When you say : “It is enough, now you have been sufficiently flogged, excommunicated” ?

But why… didn’t we let the public vote award at the gala Artis, decide for himself whether he did or not his vote By Morin ? Vox populi, vox Dei ?

But why… did we replaced our system of justice by rushed trials, without evidence, without judgment, but with a sentence of copy ?

But why… imposes a penalty as disproportionate to the magnitude of the fault ?

But why… kill a fly with a bazooka ?

But why… the other craftsmen (actors, directors, technicians, etc) of different productions By Morin participated should they be penalized by the withdrawal of these shows ? What fault had they committed, to suffer the collateral damage of a story that does not concern them ?

But why… continue to hit on someone who is already at earth and has already lost his job, his reputation, his ego, his dignity ?

But why… the case of Morin has she become as devastating as the case Jutra, while the filmmaker was accused of pedophilia ?

But why… do I have the unpleasant feeling to watch it unfold under my eyes for a purge “in the stalinist” ? Let me quote Wikipedia : “It is mainly the falsification of photographic images which are purely and simply “eliminated” the characters have fallen into disgrace.

“It was to minimize the actual role of this or that person, but also to show that the officers had never been in contact with some leaders become infréquentables “.


In closing, in all of this as “vague denunciations” that is sweeping over Quebec, a word about Martine Delvaux, author of the book The boys club.

She initially wrote on Facebook : “That one stops to brandish the presumption of innocence. That reported, rather, must prove that they have not done “.

Then, she said : “I have a dream… That one reverses the trend, and that the perpetrators bear witness to what they have done. They are talking about. That they recognize. They are the evidence of introspection “.

Then, a few days later : “Kevin Parent and to all others : your excuses are just another way to get out your cock and put it on the table.”

So, this woman puts the presumption of innocence in the trash.

And it encourages the men to speak, but when one of them speaks… she tells him to close the mouth !

It may be that for this author, a columnist, a professor, the only solution for men would be to simply… get the cut.

The media do-gooders continue to tender their micros to the author and present it as an expert in male-female relationships.

But why ?

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