By the end of the season on the “Square of stars” will Shine a new star

Until about the middle of November plans to open at least 5 stars

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К концу сезона на "Площади звезд" засияют новые звезды

Fall is the time of the last bright, warm sun-drenched days. At this time, many large-scale projects and events are held the last time this year and go into the format of the future planning to heat. So, one of the major historical and cultural sights – “star Square” (near “Gulliver” shopping Mall, along the streets of Lesya Ukrainka, Esplanadnaya and Sports area) – expect intense October and November. Followed by “winter rest” in terms of the creation of stars and tremendous work already on the new season. The organizers of the project said, what will you end the year and what to expect in the next season.

Until the end of the year, that is roughly until mid-November (stars for obvious reasons are laid only in relatively warm time of the year) is planned to open at least 5 stars. At the same time, most of the names celebrities are already known, although there are those whose appearance is not yet announce.

“October 1 we open the star the guys from the group “Time and glass”, on 10 October, a famous actress of theatre and cinema Irma Vitovska and Larissa Kadochnikova. At the end of October is also another discovery of the stars. We encourage the sports personalities. This is what I cannot yet articulate. The fact that the process of negotiations with a celebrity is in the final stage and their results and the date we will soon contact – explores the PR Director of the project initiator of the Mall Gulliver Tatiana Atajanova. – Then, in early November, will be the last in this year’s opening of the star. It will be a star musician Potapov (Alexey Potapenko), which this year, moreover, marks the anniversary of its career.”

The event promises to be, as always, vivid and memorable, and then the creative team gets to work on next year.

К концу сезона на "Площади звезд" засияют новые звезды

Andriy Shevchenko, Irina Deriugina and Dmitri Khristich.

“It could seem from the outside that everything is so easy: chose a famous person, has mounted her a star and here’s the event. It is actually much more complicated. In the first stage, we accept the recommendation of candidates for the star from the experts and project partners. After we “supported” list polls. Then we negotiate with celebrities. To match schedules is very difficult because on the one hand, the Ukrainian star touring and talks are long, and on the other we try to “light” the stars in different categories: show business, theater/cinema, sport, it also requires to adjust to the schedule”, – says Tatiana.

According to her, next year a large-scale work on the reconstruction of those stars, which were laid before 2019. The fact that some of the stars were assembled for 2015-2017 years and was without a QR code (QR innovation 2018).

“About 20 stars at the moment we have no QR code. However, this research shows that, a very important element. It is interesting to Ukrainians and foreigners who want to read about the achievements of a celebrity. Because our project has an important educational mission. So all the stars without a code will be dismantled and in their place install new and modern”, – underline organizers of the project.

Ahtem Seitablaev, Rimma Zyubina.MonatikЧемпионы. Olga Harlan, Alexander Abramenko Svetlana Polyakova Trofimovas.Sportsmenki Larisa Solovieva, Yulia Levchenko, Daria Bilodid.1/5

Inspiration and recognition never

In 2019, quite a lot of famous names in music have appeared on “star Square”. Came to the opening of its star musicians and singers noted that they, the creative people, like anyone important recognition “for centuries”. It gives inspiration to continue. The project partners see the appearance of the stars figures of show business in a more global sense. Ukraine – singing country, and “star Square” – a special place where our talents can learn and fans and foreign tourists.

“This way to the popularization of Ukrainian music in the country and abroad. And such a reward like a star is a certain degree of recognition, which the artist achieves in his work. It is important for the artist and for the country, – says Elena Pochtarenko, commercial Director of the channel Music Box. We music channel for its part, the observed formation of stars and see how they try to “keep the bar” after such awards. See how the star breaks out of the song, the text of which I do not think born hit. And the credit for this artistry, charisma and mannerisms of a singer/musician. We also have to see and ephemeral, which will be forgotten tomorrow”.

And the good news is that no one doubts that received a star really deserve it.

And what the Ukrainians think

Les Andrushkina, Kiev:

“I like that in my city there is such an attraction. I was there a few times purposefully. She watched and showed your friends from other cities. I agree that all the stars got their star on the case, though I have many of them the work is not very much. If I was advising who to give the next star, it would be similar to the following list: Tina Karol, is Vera Brezhneva and Nastya Kamensky, Oleg Vinnik. Last even conquered all of the Ukrainian women.”

Tatiana Lyulina, Zaporozhye:

“I think not enough attention on the “Star Square” is given to theatre and cinema. These figures need to show at least because we have real emeralds and they should be aware of the whole world, and, unfortunately, even not all Ukrainians know about them. Must be star Ivan Mykolaichuk (“shadows of forgotten ancestors”), Leonid Bykov (“Maksim Perepelitsa”). Young people also need to remember: Natalia Sumska, Viktor Andrienko…”

Valery Kotov, Kiev:

“I am pleased that in the center of Kiev is the “star Square” where celebrated stars of sports, because they are so deprived of attention in our state, both from the state and from the Ukrainians that hands down. From this sport we are so not popular among young people. It would be possible, along with the Shevchenko open star Sergei Rebrov, Alexander Usik, Elina Svitolina – these athletes a long time deserve to be immortalized on “Star Square”.

Recall the “star Square” appeared in 2015 on the initiative of the “Gulliver” shopping Mall, with the support of the public organization “connects this event with his Peremoga”, channel MusicBOX, ministries of youth and sport, information policy and management of tourism of the Kyiv city state administration and the Ukrainian Academy. The main purpose of the square was to remind Ukrainians about the great achievements of fellow countrymen. Today this place is one of the main attractions of the capital, where you can see the stars of prominent figures from the field of cinema, culture, art and sports, idols of many Ukrainians.

К концу сезона на "Площади звезд" засияют новые звезды

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