By Xavier Dolan: “The night Laurier Gaudreault woke up” on Club illico at the end of November

From Xavier Dolan: “The Night Laurier Gaudreault’woke up


Xavier Dolan's first TV series, “The Night Laurier Gaudreault Woke Up”, will be released on Club illico on November 24. 

Inspired by the eponymous play by Michel Marc Bouchard, this production in five episodes is written and directed by the man to whom we owe, among others, the hard-hitting films “Mommy”, “Tom à la ferme”, “Laurence Anyways” and “I killed my mother”.

Several actors who had played in the play presented in 2019 at the TNM are returning to service under the direction of the 33-year-old director, who is also producing the whole thing with his accomplice of longtime Nancy Grant. 

This is the case of actors Julie Le Breton, Éric Bruneau, Patrick Hivon and Magalie Lépine-Blondeau. 

Added to them are Julianne Côté, Jasmine Lemée, Elijah Patrice, Pier Gabriel Lajoie and Xavier Dolan himself.


Here is the synopsis provided by Club illico: “in the early 1990s, Mireille, her brother Julien and their best friend Laurier formed an inseparable trio. 

However, one night in October, in 1991, their destinies were at never upset by a terrible incident and their paths part. 

Nothing will ever be the same again. Thirty years later, when she has become a thanatologist, Mireille returns to her family to embalm her mother at her request, and finds her brothers whom she had not seen for decades. Soon, secrets and resentments resurface, intertwining with mourning, and an unstoppable quest for truth”.

Xavier Dolan's roadmap also includes the feature films “Just the end of the world “, “My life with John F. Donovan”, “Matthias and Maxime” and “The imaginary loves”.