Bye Bye the city: the pandemic has moved

Bye bye la ville: la pandémie les a fait déménager

The health crisis, which has severely hit the metropolis, and the option of working from home are pushing many Montrealers to swap the city for the countryside.

“Montreal, it is a slower pace of life fast and exciting. It is always in a hurry. It is hard to describe, but with the pandemic, it became unbearable, ” says Vincent Collard, who will move to Notre-Dame-du-Portage, near Rivière-du-Loup, in a house with a view on the river, in July.

Vincent Collard leaves Montreal after being found in a house in Notre-Dame-du-Portage, Bas-Saint-Laurent.

Before the crisis, Louis-Charles Ménard, president of the real estate agency RE/MAX Hello, on the North Shore, already noted that the suburbs of Montreal, as well as the regions grew in popularity.

“We feel that the pandemic has accelerated the phenomenon. Some customers tell us that they don’t want to relive a confinement in the city while others now have the possibility of teleworking “, he says. He also sees an increase in popularity for homes multi-generational.

This is the case of sisters Audrey, Vanessa and Arianne Laurin. The pandemic has pushed these three Montrealers to leave the city to return to the family home in Pointe-Fortune, in Montérégie, they grow large and live there with their children, parents and grand-parents, and nine under the same roof.

The sisters Laurin lived in the same building in the district of Hochelaga. They have taken the decision to return to the family home in Pointe-Fortune to live with their children, parents and grand-parents.

A strong demand

The brokers interviewed agreed that the demand in the region exceeds supply.

“Buyers often find themselves in a promise to purchase multiple. This is a favorable situation for sellers, ” explains Christian Longpré, executive officer of the agency Royal LePage Summit, Magog.

It is the lived experience of Denis Brissette and his wife, Louisette Langlois.

Denis Brissette and his wife had to elbow with other buyers who plan to live away from the city and have finally opted for a house in the Laurentians.

This pair of customers has filed a purchase offer on a house in Saint-Colomban in the Laurentians.

“It is five to have made an offer on it. The interesting houses are going quickly, ” he says.

The Estrie region has the odds

For the month of may, the branches Royal LePage Magog, Brome Lake and Sutton have received more than double that of calls from buyers from the greater Montreal as at the same date last year.

Montrealers are especially looking for land peaceful where they will be well at home, note Isabelle St-Arnault, broker and real estate in Magog.

“The properties on the edge of a lake, are sought. They sell like hot cakes “, she says.

Tatiana Lyssan, who lived in the neighbourhood of Ahuntsic, has failed for a century-old house, Orford, in the eastern Townships.

“I am a representative in the wine and I lost my job, seen what is happening in the middle of the restoration. So I sold my condo “.

The region also has the eye to Philippe Rioux. This young 25-year-old sold her condo and left her job to move to Sutton.

Philippe Rioux has sold her condo in Outremont to live in the chalet with his family to Sutton, where he enjoys nature and a lake nearby.

A small family that had a duplex in the district of Villeray has also been selected Cantons-de-l’est.

Caroline Grutman, Jérémy Nolet and their son, Zack, will now of the great outdoors at Dunham after having sold their duplex located in the Villeray area.

Too expensive in Montreal

The health crisis will exacerbate the phenomenon of urban exodus, believes Charles Brant, director of department of market analysis to the professional Association of real estate brokers in Quebec. It is unknown, however, whether this trend is temporary or if it will continue beyond the pandemic.

According to him, the price of homes outside of Montreal could motivate buyers.

“The island of Montreal is expensive. The price does not decrease in spite of the situation. For example, the single-family homes are unaffordable. Those who need more watch more on the outskirts of the metropolis “, he observes.

Three sisters leave Hochelaga to live to nine under the same roof

The pandemic has prompted three sisters to Montreal to settle down in a house in Pointe-Fortune, in Montérégie, they become intergenerational to live with their mother, children and grand–parents, nine under the same roof.

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They moved from their luxurious condo for a century-old house

Suffering from lack of space during the containment, a couple from Montreal, who had a condo dream, has decided to leave the city to Chambly.

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“The real estate market is crazy”

After several offers to purchase filed on houses, a couple approaching retirement has finally found the perfect home in Saint-Hippolyte ; but to flee Montreal, he had to resign himself to spend more than the initial budget.

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The holy peace in the Bas-Saint-Laurent

Exasperated by the stress which increased in the same time that the number of cases of COVID, Vincent Collard saw the pandemic as an opportunity to run away from Montreal, and moving into the Bas-Saint-Laurent.

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Back in the family cottage

The pandemic quickly realize a Montrealer for 25 years as the nature and the great outdoors he was lacking, which led him to sell his condo in Outremont, and then to move into the family cottage, at Sutton.

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A house in the eastern Townships for less than half her condo in Montreal

Tatiana Lyssan was ahead of his proposed move to the eastern Townships after finding a century-old house perfect to Orford, which will reduce half your mortgage, compared to his condo in Ahuntsic.

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The plan of life of a family affected by the pandemic

They had to pass their lives in Montreal, well installed in their duplex freshly renovated. But the pandemic has disrupted the plans of Caroline Grutman and Jérémy Nolet, who emménageront officially to the campaign this summer with their boy of two years old.

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