Byron sleeps peacefully

Byron sleeps peacefully

There are two old wolves in the fold. The two wolves are named Corey Perry and Michael Frolik. The sheepfold, in hockey parlance, translates to the reserve team.

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Paul Byron knows this reality. He does not need a drawing to understand that Perry and Frolik will seek to win their position in the twelve starters at the Habs.

This congestion on the wings did not prevent the little 5’9 ”, 165 lb right winger from sleeping, however.

“They are good players. But that doesn’t change under pressure, Byron said. It’s the NHL, every day you have to prove yourself. What you did in the past doesn’t matter. There is always someone who wants to take your place, your job. That’s life in the NHL. When I was younger I also wanted to steal another player’s place. “

Byron, who wears an “A” on his jersey, is no more nervous about the creation of a reserve team (taxi squad) for this year.

“No, I don’t think about that. This is the job of the coach and Berge (Bergevin). I focus on my game and want to be the best possible player every day. I’m trying to be ready for the first game. There is a good chemistry with Artturi and Jake. We can become a really good trio. I focus on things on the ice. I can only control the way I play. “

Byron sleeps peacefully

Far from rumors

With a salary of 3.4 million for the next three years, Byron could become a candidate for a transaction to free up space under the salary cap. Once again, this situation is far from disturbing him.

“I haven’t heard the rumors,” he replied. Things off the ice is not for me to decide. I don’t waste time thinking about this. I want to help the team win games. I’m excited to be here, we have such a great team. I want to make the playoffs, I want the chance to win the Stanley Cup. “

Again the 4th trio

At 31, Byron will be in his sixth season with the CH. Technically, he is participating in his fifth camp since in his first year, Marc Bergevin had claimed him from waivers of the Calgary Flames at the very end of the camp. It was October 6, 2015.

By this time, Byron had had to fight for his place on the team. Six years later, it’s still the same story. But this time, he wants to protect his achievements.

“It doesn’t change anything for my role. This is my 5th camp with the CH and I have always started with the 4th trio. I can play anywhere and it doesn’t matter left or right. I’ll play my game, I’m a good skater, I’m good at forecheck and I help out on the shorthand. “

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