CAF: RSA, activity bonus, APL… how will solidarity at source work, tested from fall 2024 ?

From next October, access to RSA, activity bonus and housing assistance will be much simpler in some departments in France. This was announced by the Minister of Health, Labor and Solidarity, Catherine Vautrin.

Next fall, four family allowance funds (CAF) will test the automatic pre-filling of resource declarations to facilitate access to aid. The departments concerned are Aube, Alpes-Maritimes, Hérault and Pyrénées-Atlantiques. This experiment was one of the promises of the campaign ;#39;Emmanuel Macron in 2022.

The principle of this project is to be able to fight against fraud, but also against non-recourse. This involves simplifying the application and renewal procedures for certain social benefits paid by the CAF.

According to Thank you for the info, the CAF discovered 48 692 cases of fraud, for damage an amount of 351 million euros.

A simplification for access to everyone

According to a survey published on vie-publique, non-recourse is caused by various reasons, the most important being the lack of information.

The second explanation is the procedures which are too complex and too long. This is why the declaration of resources will become like the declaration of income tax. Employers or social protection organizations will have to pre-fill the declarations, beneficiaries only have to collect them and validate the information.

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