Calendar: 4 about to go on a journey

Calendar: 4 about to go on a journey

Main festivals and celebrations of the world this spring — how can they miss?


Календарь: 4 повода отправиться в странствия

Календарь: 4 повода отправиться в странствия

Cheese race in England

Koperzhynska cheese race, may 27

Gloucester, England

Race for those who are not sparing of his stomach. Once it was a local custom, but today zip the steep, slippery slope going from all over the world. Cheese head rolling ahead at a speed of 110 km/ h and there is a prize. 22-time race leader this year is not involved, so you have a chance!

500 years since the death of Da Vinci, April – December


In Turin, Florence, Rome and Milan celebrate the great Leonardo. At this time, you can visit the exhibition of little-known drawings and scientific illustrations of the wizard, view installation. Most of the events will be held in Milan, where the famous frescoes in the Sforza castle and the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie.

Distortion Ø Copenhagen, 29 may – 2 June

Copenhagen, Denmark

One of the biggest festivals in Europe, festival of street culture and dance music, opens with fifty dance and concert venues under the open sky. Admission is free, but you can leave a donation. The main party of the festival (and the whole of Northern Europe), Distortion Ø, the ticket still needed.

The Rouen Armada, 6-16 June

Rouen, France

This year, the famous holiday sailing and historic ships celebrates its 30th anniversary. The most beautiful sailboats of the world will arrive in the capital of Normandy for the parade, and to put on Board all comers. The next Armada will gather not earlier than five years, so don’t miss out.

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