California: Supermarket roof collapses under the weight of snow

California Supermarket Roof Collapses Under Heavy Snow


The mountain community of Crestline, Calif., is struggling to recover after the roof of the village's only grocery store collapsed Wednesday due to accumulated snow.&nbsp ;

The village received almost 2 meters of snow during Tuesday's storm, according to MétéoMedia. Fortunately, no customers were in the Goodwin & Sounds during the event.

A resident said the community is pulling together to collect food and redistribute it to the elderly and tourists on site for short stays. He added in his email that the streets were impassable, including snow and fallen trees, according to CBS Los Angeles.

The situation has not improved when another grocery store, less than 20 km away, was closed by local authorities.

San Bernardino County officials assured Wednesday that the fire department, sheriff and utilities could bring in food and medicine to confined residents.

Thirteen counties declared a state of emergency on Wednesday, including Crestline, which is making every effort to clear the roads. Private companies have even been called upon to work on site.