Call for caution after a drowning preventable

A friend of the 26 year old male who has lost the life after to have sunk in the waters of the Baskatong reservoir (Outaouais), implore boaters to wear a floatation jacket on a boat in the water.

“It is really important to wear a lifejacket on the water. Unfortunately, I carried it out with the accident. If Jimmy had worn one, he would still be alive, ” said Laura Pearson, 24 years old, a friend of the victim.

The body of Jimmy Aubry-Dicaire was found with significant head injuries by divers from the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) at noon, last Monday.

The previous Saturday, a group of fifteen people, of which the victim was a part, camped in the edge of the Baskatong reservoir.

Jimmy Aubry-Dicaire


They went to do a boat tour to 20 h, despite the fact that they “were not bad all addicted to alcohol,” says the sergente Eloise Cossette, spokesperson for the SQ.

“A part [of the group] stayed on the beach, but they were more than the limit allowed on the boat. Nobody was wearing a life jacket, ” said Ms. Pearson, who would go to join them later, after his shift in the field of accounting.

The driver of the boat on which stood the victim, a native of deux-Montagnes would have tried to avoid a collision with another boat around 21: 30.

“The braking was kicked. Jimmy fell, hit her head on the propeller of the boat and then it sank, ” says Ms. Pearson.

“To respect the maximum limit of people allowed on the boat, it is part of one of the safety measures very important,” says the young woman of Blainville.


The driver of the boat, a 50 year old man, Saint-Jérôme, who is the father of a friend of the band, would have failed the breathalyzer.

He was arrested and released on a promise to appear in court on November 2.

Charges more serious could be filed soon, according to the SQ.

“It is always necessary to remember that it does not only happen to other accidents. Regardless of age, drowning is actually there. It is important to never forget and always be vigilant, ” says Ms. Pearson.

As of July 30, 60 deaths on water bodies have been identified by the lifesaving Society of Quebec for the year 2020, compared to 42 at the same date in 2019.

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