Call to the public-spiritedness of Three-Rivers

Appel au civisme à Trois-Rivières

THREE-RIVERS | Trois-Rivières call to order its citizens by inviting them to the respect and courtesy to its employees.

In recent weeks, a lack of civility has been observed in the field. The library staff and employees of the 311 customer service centre have been the target of inappropriate behaviour, impatience and inappropriate words. The City advised that it does not tolerate this type of behavior.

“These are isolated cases, it is necessary to mention it. We took the opportunity to launch a message on the page Facebook of the City of Trois-Rivières. A call for respect. We understand that it is a situation that is not easy at this point. But our employees, too, must adapt to the changes”, commented Friday Cynthia Simard, director of communications at the City of Three-Rivers, in an interview with TVA News.

The City of Trois-Rivières has a policy to prevent violence against its staff. Depending on the severity of the infraction, the misconduct, may apply a verbal or written warning, a formal notice or statement of offence a hundred dollars.

“Since the beginning of the year, written warnings and verbal, have been given and two statements of offence,” said Cynthia Simard.

The City of Trois-Rivières also asked citizens to observe the distance of two meters with blue-collar workers.

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