Called effective ways to lose weight without exhausting diets

Названы эффективные способы похудеть без изнурительных диет

You should lose weight wisely.

Most people at least once in life tried to lose weight, even if it was only a few pounds. However, according to researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, to seriously lose weight and keep slim manages only 1 person out of 6. But if you follow a few simple rules, to lose weight and keep the result can be quicker and easier, reports the with reference to

Experts have made a selection of scientifically proven facts about things that have a positive effect on fat loss.

1. Add in the diet healthy fats

In an attempt to reduce the number of calories it seems reasonable to deprive yourself of fat-rich foods, such as nuts, seeds, cheese, oil. However, the longer to digest fat proteins and carbohydrates, and therefore the feeling of satiety when consuming these products will remain for a long time.

Monounsaturated fats also help the body to more actively metabolize various nutrients and vitamins – lycopene, lutein, beta-carotene.

2. Don’t overestimate the calories burned during physical activity

The researchers found that overweight people during dieting tend to overestimate the amount burned during sports calories 126 %. As a result, they allow themselves more food, considering that I spent a lot of energy in training.

After the lesson needs to eat, but not beyond the calculated daily amount of calories. Otherwise the slimming effect of the activities will come to naught.

3. Thoroughly wash vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits can cause excess weight if… bad to wash them. The fact that the pesticides on their skins slow down the metabolism and may even cause weight gain. These substances are designed to protect crops from pests, but also have an impact on human health.

Pesticides disturb the function of the thyroid gland, leading to hormonal issues. According to assumptions of researchers, they also damage mitochondria – of cells, responsible for converting fuel (absorbed from food) into energy.

4. Inhale the smell of olive oil

German researchers found that adding olive oil in a food facilitates the rapid and efficient saturation. Moreover, it turned out that even just the smell of this oil extends the time maintain a constant blood sugar levels, thus saving us from feelings of hunger. With most of blocking hunger is compounds in Italian oils.

5. Eat with pleasure

Our largely regulates appetite hormone called ghrelin. Its level increases stress and decreases in response to the pleasure from food eaten. Simply put, if you eat with pleasure, it will feel the hunger soon, but if labour stuffed a hated curd, quickly again be pulled to the fridge.

Therefore, if a product causes you an outright distaste, it is better to replace it with one that you like, or try to taste and still have fun.

6. Choose the right toothpaste

The glycemic index shows how fast the body can absorb the products. The lower the glycemic index of the product, the slower the sugar from it will flow into the blood. Therefore, the body will produce small amounts of insulin to process it.

Otherwise, if the blood will come is very much sugar at once, our body will have to develop from a large dose of insulin. And he, in turn will signal the brain that it is time again to eat. Thus, foods with a low glycemic index more than the “best” for losing weight.

As it turned out, different types of pasta have different glycemic index. According to the findings of researchers, the best options are spaghetti, in the second place the pasta stars, but the high glycemic index of pasta.

7. Take calcium supplements if you do not digest dairy products

Many people do not digest dairy products, so eliminate them from your diet. But cheese, milk and cottage cheese are valuable sources of calcium, which, according to the researchers, accelerates the metabolism of fat. The weight of participants who took a calcium Supplement, decreased by 26-70 % in comparison with the control group.

Therefore, if you are not friends with lactose, try taking calcium supplements and vitamin D it is better absorbed.

8. Choose for Breakfast solid food

That Breakfast is beneficial, the researchers found long ago. Now they have gone further and actively investigating the impact of the components of our plates on the performance of our body. In particular, they proved that saturating the ability of the protein increases when it is used in solid form. The conclusion is simple: eating cheese is a cocktail based on it, the hunger you will feel later.

9. Eat dark chocolate

As it turned out, the chocolate not only positively affects health, but also consolidates the results of weight loss. Scientists have found that in the group of people sitting on a low carbohydrate diet and supplementing your diet with small portions of dark chocolate, there is no return of extra pounds after a few weeks of dieting.

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