Called product that increases the risk of heart disease

Назван продукт, повышающий риск болезней сердца

Eating three or more eggs per day increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and premature death.

To such conclusion scientists from the U.S. Department of preventive medicine northwestern University Chicago, writes the with reference to

Experts analyzed data from six experiments conducted with the participation of 29 615 people of different nationalities. Volunteers filled out a long food questionnaires and indicated that they ate during the previous year or month.

The participants ‘ health was monitored for 31 years. The 5400 diagnosed with cardiovascular pathologies, and 6132 of death from all causes.

Eating three to four eggs per day exceeds the allowable daily intake of cholesterol. Scientists say that one egg contains 186 mg of cholesterol, respectively, in the three or four eggs may contain up to 750 mg. Is higher than the average rate of more than 60%.

Every 300 mg of cholesterol increase the risk of cardiovascular disease by 3.2% and the early death of 4.4%.


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