Called the foods that cause heartburn

Названы продукты, вызывающие изжогу

Experts have listed seven unwanted products with heartburn.

If you regularly have digestive problems, suffer heartburn, occurs indigestion, you should definitely think about, whether it’s the lack of food. You may want to reconsider the diet you will be surprised what a dramatic effect it can give, according to the with reference to 24apteka.

What foods are bad and which are good for the stomach?

Products containing fast carbohydrates, serve as food for bacteria in your gut. They can cause inflammation in the digestive tract, increased gas formation, bloating and other uncomfortable stomach issues. If you cut down on eating foods such carbohydrates, your digestive processes may be stabilized. You can forget about the constant discomfort and even reduce weight. So, let’s examine some of the variety of products in more detail.

Watermelon: avoid

This beloved by many summer the product is not so harmless, though, and contains mostly liquid. Watermelon contains fructose, fructans, and polyols – all of these varieties of sugar quickly fermented in the gut. Remember, the more of these carbs you eat, the greater the likelihood of indigestion.

Fermented foods: some eat, and some avoid

Some fermented foods can be quite useful for stomach, but others can cause people with sensitivities to them significant discomfort. To fermented products include wine, cheese, vinegar, miso, yogurt, sauerkraut, pickles. For example, in the production of yogurt milk combine with certain bacteria that metabolize the lactose part. The result is a product that is easier to digest. Fermented foods of this type may be useful. Just choose dairy products low in lactose, and then your digestion will be all right.

Acidic products: eat with caution

In almost any list of dangerous foods for digestion you’ll find acidic foods like oranges or tomatoes. Is widely believed that they cause heartburn. However, according to studies the acid products do not create pressure on the esophagus and stomach, and therefore does not cause heartburn symptoms. However, if you have very severe heartburn and irritated esophagus, the use of acidic products may be the cause of discomfort. If you notice that oranges or tomatoes aggravate your feeling of heartburn, discard them in favor of other products.

Dairy products: eat some, avoid some

Not all dairy products present the same amount of lactose, and it may be causing problems with digestion. In small amounts this substance can be safe even for those who cannot digest these molecules milk sugar. In short, not all dairy products can cause discomfort in the stomach. For example, hard cheeses like Parmesan or cheddar contain less than one gram of lactose per serving. Its low content in Greek yogurt is about the nuances of cooking this product with a removing serum. Beware of processed cheese, flavoured yogurt, because the milk or whey in them, less processed, and hence the probability of stomach problems will be much higher.

Grapefruit: consume with caution

Contained in the grapefruit hinder the digestion of the fructans, so try to limit the quantity you consume. Enough to eat a few slices, eat half of grapefruit. If you love citrus, it is better to eat lemon, lime or orange.

Tomatoes and products from tomatoes: eat some, avoid some

Fresh or canned tomatoes are completely safe for your stomach. However, it is worth considering that tomato paste is a concentrated form of tomatoes, which is too much fructose. Fructose is a rapidly fermentable carbohydrates and may be safe only in small quantities. What about tomato sauce? They are safe, if you make them yourself. In store-bought sauces often contain onion and garlic, negatively influencing digestion, the sugar, increase the amount of carbohydrates, and salt that causes bloating. That is why it is better to look out for.

Corn: avoid

Corn can be in different forms – popcorn, corn cobs, flour. Fresh sweet corn contains two types of rapidly fermentable carbohydrates, so consumption of such a product may become for some people a source of discomfort. Popcorn seems easy and healthy option for a snack, but it contains a large amount of carbohydrates, in addition, sometimes it adds TRANS fats to extend shelf life.

It also undermines the health of the stomach. Corn flour is quite safe, polenta, too, will not cause problems with digestion.

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