Called the main contenders for the Golden statuette “Oscar-2020”

Названы главные претенденты на золотую статуэтку "Оскар-2020"

today, 11:36

Finally, the experts assess the chances of the paintings that can get the coveted Golden statuette “Oscar-2020”. Analysts at Gold Derby called the main contenders.

This became known thanks to the message on the official website of the company.

According to experts, the main contender for the award is the Martin Scorsese film “the Irishman”. The second line of the rating took the tape of Quentin Tarantino’s “Once in Hollywood” and the “Marriage story” Noah Baumbach.

Названы главные претенденты на золотую статуэтку "Оскар-2020"

The Oscar statuette, 24 channel

In addition, hot top hit, “1917”, “Little women”, “Jojo Rabbit”, “Ford vs Ferrari”, “the Joker” and the film “Scandal”. It is known that Martin Scorsese is considered the most worthy for the award among the Directors. Behind it stands Tarantino and PON Joon-Ho (the Parasite).

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It is worth noting that Joaquin Phoenix, who played a major role in the film “Joker”, is considered the main contender for the Oscar for the main male role. Interestingly, the film “the Joker” was nominated for an Oscar in 16 categories.

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