Called TVORCHI Skype: Jamal commented on the final national selection for Eurovision-2020

Ukrainian singer called the main mistakes of the finalists

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Ukrainian singer Jamala, which is three consecutive years was a member of the jury of the National selection in Ukraine after the final of the competition commented on the speeches of four leaders of the vote – Go_A, KHAYAT, KRUТЬ and TVORCHI. Note, by results of voting of spectators and juries of our country on the international scene will be represented by the Go_A.

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Immediately after the finale there was the scandal around the group TVORCHI. Soloist Jeffrey Kenny said that he had heard in the headphones only your voice but not the music. Moreover, the musicians accused the organizers of incompetence and assured that never again will participate in the National selection. But Jamal believes that the Duo still didn’t have enough experience live performances.

Созванивались с TVORCHI по Skype: Джамала прокомментировала финал Нацотбора на Евровидение-2020


“I really liked their performance. They wrote me and asked who can work out during the week. I do not know these teachers don’t teach myself, but I just suggested to consult them and to listen to technical problems. Jeffrey is a pharmacist. And when I told him about breathing, about what we need to hold the device, he did not understand, because he heard it for the first time… I tried to give confidence, we even talked on Skype. If they won, by may I would have time to prepare them,” – said the pregnant singer in the TV show “Happy Ranok”.

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The winners of the National selection for this year group Go_A singer criticized. Moreover, she noted that the soloist Ekaterina Pavlenko was singing in the hall and she felt the power of the spirit: “to represent Ukraine at the Eurovision song contest with dignity, a participant must be as a soldier in the war. Must be absolute confidence in the eyes to read, what is this song about… They have to prove and “sell” your song”.

Созванивались с TVORCHI по Skype: Джамала прокомментировала финал Нацотбора на Евровидение-2020

The winner of the national selection for “Eurovision-2020” Go_A

As for KHAYAT, the confidence of a singer on stage Jamal was impressed: “I liked that he was sure. He’s beautiful! I really like the look. But, again, had questions for his live performance, tone”.

About the performance KRUТЬ: an experiment by bandura and playing the instrument standing up like Jamal. She added that the Marina is a very gentle girl, but she, as in the case of TVORCHI, simply lack the experience of live performances.

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