Camara holds out hope after a business failure

Camara garde espoir après un échec en affaires

The learning of the entrepreneurial life for the former star player of the Montreal Impact Hassoun Camara has not been any rest.

The player of French origin, who has retired from the sport in 2017, has had to place himself under the protection of the bankruptcy and insolvency act after the closing of the center of indoor soccer that he had launched, rue Hochelaga in Montreal, learned our Bureau of investigation.

“What people see as a failure, I do not see failure. The failure would have been to stay in the center of soccer “, he confided in an interview this week.

Last year, in march, 2019, Hassoun Camara had published a book with the evocative title : Seize the chance – When sport meets entrepreneurship. He confided his ambition to succeed in business.

The former player, who is also an analyst on TVA Sports, said also in an interview at the launch of the book that the ” fear of failure should not hinder the entrepreneurship, on the contrary “.

With a partner, Hassoun Camara has decided to try his luck in opening The Park, a centre of indoor soccer, in a building located at the corner of Hochelaga street and the boulevard of the Assumption, in the east of Montreal. The adventure only lasted a few months, since the centre has had to close its doors at the beginning of the summer of 2019.

According to the record of Hassoun Camara deposited in court, the project was burdened with debts, including arrears of rent business of $ 160,000, as well as a loan of $ 7,000 from the business development Bank of Canada.

The former player has avoided the worst, since the creditors have accepted the proposal of the trustee in bankruptcy in his application last march.

Safety of children

In an interview this week, he explained that he had chosen to withdraw from the centre of soccer because of fears about the security of the facility, which has subsequently resulted in the closure of the project.

“I preferred to get out of there and take the consequences,” he said.

He explained that the purpose of the centre was to enable the children of the district of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, where he lived for five years, playing soccer.

“[But] security measures [for the children] were not met in this room “, he says, convinced of having made the right decision.

Project restoration

These difficulties do not prevent to continue in business.

He plans to open a restaurant in Montreal in the coming months, once the effects of the crisis of the COVID-19 will be mitigated.

He already has two restaurants specialized in dishes of african in Paris, under the banner Osè African Cuisine.

He wants to take the same concept, that is to say, dishes to compose yourself, and use it to Montreal.

-With the collaboration of Philippe Langlois

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