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Cambodia: a man devoured by 40 crocodiles after falling into an enclosure

Cambodia: A man eaten by 40 crocodiles after falling into a enclosure


A Cambodian man was eaten by about 40 farmed crocodiles on Friday after falling into their enclosure, police said. 

The man, elderly 72, was trying to drag a crocodile out of its cage when the reptile lured him inside after grabbing his stick.

The crocodiles then attacked him and tore his body to pieces.

“While chasing a crocodile from a dedicated egg-laying cage, the crocodile went after his stick, knocking the man into the enclosure,” said Mey Savry , the police chief of Siem Reap (north-west).

“Other crocodiles then pounced on him until he died”, he explained, adding that remains of her body were found covered in bite wounds.

In 2019, a two-year-old girl was devoured by several crocodiles from a reptile farm, also located in Siem Reap, Ms. Savry.

Several reptile farms have opened near this tourist town in northwestern Cambodia, which is the gateway to the site of the Angkor temples.

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