Came World of Warcraft Classic: thousands of players crowded in the queue

Blizzard can not cope with the influx of players on the server, World of Warcraft Classic

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In the night from 26 to 27 August the release of World of Warcraft Classic – the expected updated version of the classic version of the popular game in the genre of MMORPG from Blizzard. However, the release was overshadowed by immense virtual queue of those wishing to take a dip in the “warm and lamp” the world of Azeroth, reports Plolygon.

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Blizzard last week warned players that they may face temporary problems when connecting to servers World of Warcraft Classic. However, the influx has been so great that on one server we have 10 of thousands of players that are awaiting connection.

Immediately after the official release of World of Warcraft Classic gamers almost instantly took all the available servers and beat them to failure. Now Blizzard is urgently adding new servers to cope with the huge demand and evenly distribute everyone fans of the cult MMORPG.

Вышла World of Warcraft Classic: тысячи игроков толпятся в очередях

A screenshot from the new World of Warcraft Classic

“Our main priority when planning the launch of WoW Classic was to ensure that players can safely play for several years. We didn’t expect such a wild demand, so opening new servers to meet the demands of our customers,” commented Blizzard.

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The company cannot yet say how long it will last those thousands Queuing of players. If you are going to play World of Warcraft Classic this week, you may not be able to do it. Better to wait a week before Blizzard solve the problem with the servers. You can download the game at this address.

We will remind that earlier one of the first games Blizzard Diablo can be played in browser and free. And recently the announcement of a new game from Blizzard caused anger among players.

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