Camila Cabello as a couple in the clip “the Living Proof” : Shawn Mendes reacts with a sense of humor

Camila Cabello reveals the movie clip Living Proof, a new extract of her album “Romanc”

While his album “Romance” is expected to December 6, 2019, Camila Cabello continues to the teaser with the clip from Living Proof, the new extract after Liar, Shameless, or even Senorita. A clip in which the ex-member of Fifth Harmony is quite close to a man… who is not her boyfriend Shawn Mendes. The singer reacted with humor !

Camila Cabello plays the card of sensuality

This is the most incredible thing, on which I have worked, “said Camila Cabello about her new album “Romance”, the output of which is scheduled for December 6, 2019. His fans are obviously eager to hear the results, but they have already been able to get an idea with the songs Shamless, Cry For Me, Liar, Easy and Senorita in feat with Shawn Mendes. The last single in date ? Living Proof.

In this title, pop, soft and bewitching, the ex-member of Fifth Harmony talks about a love story in a way very sensual. “Tell me something, order say it with your hands, slow / When you touch me, paint me like a Van Gogh / I wanna study every inch of you / ‘Til you trust me to make the angels come through ( … ), When my body’s crashin’ right into you / When we align“, sings Camila Cabello in Living Proof. Would this be a statement to his boyfriend Shawn Mendes ?

Shawn Mendes jealous ?

If this is the case, the singer has not chosen to play in the clip of the song : she appears close to a mysterious stranger who seems rather handsome. Shawn Mendes is he jealous ? Don’t worry, the answer is no ! The interpreter In My Blood reacted to this scene with a sense of humor on Twitter : “Wait, who is this boy ?“. Shawn Mendes has also posted a beautiful message for Camila Cabello after their victory in the AMA’s 2019 (they have won the trophy of “collaboration of the year” for their duet Senorita) : “I admire you so much”.

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